5 of the best comic book apps for Android and iOS

5 of the best comic book apps for Android and iOS
Reading comics is a quirky hobby that many of us have. For one, we've loved doing it since early childhood, and secondly, many of the hand-drawn heroes have matured as their reader base got older — there are plenty of comics out there that one would stray far from calling "for kids". But keeping around boxes and boxes of comic books is quite impractical, if not considered odd, and regular trips to the comic book store are not as easy in our 9-to-5 workweek as they were back in the day.

But hey, we live in the post PC era where everyone has a high quality screen right in their pocket. People read books on their phones and tablets, of course there will be apps and services that are catered specifically towards the comic book fanbase. And they are actually really, really good apps! Here are our 5 favorite ones:

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