10 things in Android that will annoy iOS users


You've been an Apple loyalist during your entire life, but the inevitable happens and an unstoppable compelling force has made you consider doing the unthinkable - making the switch to Android. 

Much to Tim Cook and Jony Ive's dismay, Apple is probably losing a number of users daily (though the vice versa option is also true). Chances are that the majority of these renegades to the cause of Steve Jobs will opt for an Android device, though Microsoft's Windows and the rest of the players on the market are still viable alternatives.
Okay, there's nothing wrong with this switch - after all, experiencing everything the tech world has to offer is a pretty good way to familiarize yourself with the philosophy of each and every tech giant in the wild. 

Still, if you have never set foot in the land of the 'Droids, you're probably a bit frightened by the unknown. Don't worry, Android is neither Mordor nor the Wild West, you'll be fine!

However, there is a host of mighty-annoying things that will certainly ruffle your feathers if you get yourself a smartphone that is running Google's OS. Before we start the list let us accentuate that this does not mean that Android is worse than iOS. And fear not, the same list is done for the opposite side, too.

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