This VR game helps players face and overcome over 40 phobias

This VR game helps players face and overcome over 40 phobias
Are you afraid of the dark? Or perhaps you have a fear of heights? Many of these mental conditions are types of anxiety disorders and, sometimes, they can be overcome with a lot of discipline and iron will.

NOPE CHALLENGE is a new VR game that wants to help players face and overcome over 40 phobias. As the name suggests, it features intense challengers that have been specifically designed to push players through their fight, flight or freeze response as they complete objectives like scaling the sides of buildings or running from … robot clowns.

More importantly, the game lets players choose from any of the 9 available challenges with tailored intensity levels. For instance, the LIGHT level makes it easier to get used to your fear, while a MODERATE level will increase AI interaction. Don’t touch the EXTREME level unless you know your heart will survive.

To accommodate all kinds of players, the game features a NOPE button and a so-called Breather Space, which are meant to ensure a balanced experience, allowing players to rest, relax, recharge and explore before they start torturing themselves all over again.

If you’re not afraid to confront your fear of clowns, spiders, and heights, you can now give NOPE CHALLENGE a try if you own a Meta Quest headset. The game is available for purchase for just $19.99.

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