Minority Report is coming to Apple Vision Pro in the form of Spatial Personas

Minority Report is coming to Apple Vision Pro in the form of Spatial Personas
Apple has been working hard to improve the look and feel of the Personas that Visio Pro owners can create. The avatar system for Vision Proreceived some upgrades back in February with the visionOS 1.1 Beta update, which made personas look much closer to the original.

In a more recent software update (still beta), the Vision Pro’s avatar system received another upgrade that promises to be a very accurate spatial representation of the person using Apple’s headset.

The Personas system wasn’t quite ready for primetime when the Vision Pro launched on the market a few months ago, which is why Apple is still keeping it in beta. Even after the release of the most recent update, the avatar system remains in beta, a sign that Apple still has some improvements to deliver.

But what really changed and why is Vision Pro’s avatar system one step close to a Minority Report experience? Regular Personas are contained within a frame, which doesn't offer an immersive experience.

Yes, you can resize and move the floating box, but this doesn't really improve the experience during FaceTime calls. With the latest update, Apple completely removed the floating box containing a Persona head, shoulders, and hands in favor of something more immersive.

The so-called Spatial Personas don’t actually replace the older Personas, but they do offer users a more immersive experience. These Personas are rendered in a shared space and aren’t confined within a box, which gives you the feeling of standing right next to the other person (via Road to VR).

Every FaceTime call now feels more like a shared experience rather than 3D video chat. As mentioned earlier, the new Spatial Personas don’t replace the regular Personas, so users will have to enable this feature before a call.

Spatial Personas are meant to be used for more intimate calls, while regular Personas are better used for business or something formal. Either way, this feels like an important upgrade that will further receive improvements considering that Apple is still keeping the Personas system in beta.
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