Android 14 release date, features, and device list

Google's next major version of Android, Android 14, is expected to come in 2023 and continue the company's lead in the Android space. 

As Android 13 was a quality-of-life software update that ironed many kinks and improved the overall experience, we expect that Android 14 could shake things up and add tons of new features and functionalities, similarly to what Android 12 did all the way back in 2021. 

In this hub, we will be summarizing everything there is to know about Android 14. As soon as we know something, so will you. 

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Android 14 release date

In recent years, Google established a rather predictable release schedule for its annual Android releases. Initially, we get an early developer beta early in the year, usually in February or March, followed by a full announcement at the upcoming Google I/O developer summit later in the spring, followed by an official full release of the software to all eligible Pixel devices in the summer. In the coming months, all eyes are on the major phone manufacturers, which push the latest Android release to their custom manufacturer-specific Android overlays. 

We have no reasons to believe that Android 14 will be any different. We expect a developer beta early in 2023, followed by a dedicated keynote at Google I/O detailing all the changes, and a late summer release is most definitely in the cards for Android 14 in 2023. 

Android 14 name

After a brief hiatus, we're back with the sweet dessert names for Android, at least in terms of codenames. The naming scheme dates back more than a decade and uses dessert names in alphabetical order. Android 13 was internally known as "Tiramisu", named after the exceptional Italian dessert, and Android 14 will most certainly use a dessert starting with the letter "U" as a codename. Lots of room for speculation here, but upside-down cakewill most certainly take the cake, pun intended. 

Which phones will get Android 14?

As usual, the upcoming major Android software update will arrive to a whole host of yet-to-be-released flagship phones from all the heavy-hitters, like Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, and others. In particular, we expect the following devices to be at the forefront of the Android 14 rollout in 2023:

Android 14 new features

It's too early to have the full scope on what features will make it to the final version of Android 14, but here are a few early expectations.

Satellite calling

Satellite connectivity may come as a baked-in feature of Android following Apple's implementation of emergency satellite connectivity. In a tweet a few months ago, Google's Senior VP of Android, revealed that Android 14 would be designed with optional satellite connectivity on board, giving devices the necessary software groundwork for the functionality. Mind you, manufacturers like Huawei have already utilized satellite texting on some of their devices without any specific software prerequisites from Android itself.

It shouldn't be long before we see Android flagships score satellite connectivity en masse. 
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