Incremental Android 14 Beta 2 for Pixel phones rolling out now with May security patch

Android 14 Beta 2 is now rolling out
Android 14 Beta 2 is now rolling out to all adventurous folks that have opted-in to receive test versions of the upcoming software. Rolling under the cryptic UPB2.230407.014 build name, the update delivers an impressive list of bugfixes that aim to make the environment more stable so that developers can test their apps with less issues. It also brings the May 2023 security patch to all devices on the Android 14 beta channel. 

As far as new features are concerned, the new beta includes updated animations when leaving an app by going back to the home screen. Also, users will now be able to dismiss previously undismissable foreground notifications from apps, which is a welcome addition to the most popular operating system. 

Additionally, Android 11 introduced an intent that allowed any app to send full-screen notifications when the phone is locked, but once Android 14 rolls out, the Play Store will automatically revoke this intent from apps that don't show incoming phone calls or alarms. Only those will be allowed to send you such full-screen notifications. 

Yet, the thing about Beta 2 is that it irons out some wrinkles in the fabric of Android 14. The changelog lists the following as now fixed:

  • Fixed a platform stability issue that could cause the UI to lag or freeze, apps to crash, or the device to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the fingerprint sensor that prevented new fingerprints from being added for Fingerprint Unlock in some cases.
  • Fixed issues with UPI and biometrics that could cause some apps to not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where a device couldn’t be unlocked using a fingerprint after tapping a notification or choosing a notification action on the lock screen.
  • Fixed an issue on some devices that caused sound to play through the speakers instead of headphones that were connected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused icons on the home screen to appear almost invisible.
  • Fixed issues with gesture navigation that occurred when using a custom launcher:
  • The Home screen content wouldn’t display and the animation would fail to render when swiping up to go Home.
  • The list of recently used apps couldn’t be accessed using the normal gesture.
  • Fixed issues that prevented users from interacting with notifications in the notification shade.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a device to crash after finishing audio or video calls.
  • Other resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue where, after entering and exiting picture-in-picture mode, the screen flickered when any apps were launched.
  • Fixed an issue where user restrictions set by DPC admins were not being enforced in Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where, after taking pictures with the Google Camera app, opening the latest picture from the thumbnail in the app briefly displayed a green-colored shade over the image.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the battery percentage to be displayed as 0% after a device reboot regardless of the actual charge level of the device.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a device to crash, and then when the device rebooted any wallpapers that were selected before the reboot were reset.
  • Fixed issues that prevented the Better Bug app from uploading bug reports.
  • Fixed issues that caused the back-to-home gesture to stop working.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the system Settings app to crash repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from searching within the system Settings app.
  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused null pointer exceptions for input method editors (IMEs).
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes increased system-wide memory usage unnecessarily.
  • Fixed system issues that could sometimes cause deadlocks.

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