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Google Now could soon help you find where you parked

Posted: , by Michael H.


Google Now could soon help you find where you parked
We've seen a lot of features recently that are in the code for Google Now, but haven't yet made it out to users. There have been options to automatically add events to your calendar based on what you mention in other Google products, and reminders for paying your bills. Now, there is code that could be pointing to a feature that would help you find your car.

There are only a couple lines of code, but the strings are named "car_location", and they read "Where you parked". It can usually be tough to assume intent with code snippets, but those seem pretty easy to read. Google Now is already using your location to serve up reminders, travel information, and more; so, it's not too big of a leap to assume that Google would want to help remind you where you parked. 

As usual with rumors like this, we can't verify exactly that this will be coming, but it makes sense. Also, we can't say exactly when the feature might hit, but assuming the code hounds at Android Police have found all there is right now, it may be a bit off, because it seems like it needs a bit more work. 

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posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:16

1. Bernoulli (limited) (Posts: 2586; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

Feature that has been available in lumia phones for a while, nice try Google catching up

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:26 1

2. grahaman27 (Posts: 359; Member since: 05 Apr 2013)

oh they got it from the lumia's? that makes sense, because I have never heard of it before.

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:46 5

6. Topcat488 (Posts: 1292; Member since: 29 Sep 2012)

Well it is on the Nokia WP already, whether you heard or not, sorry.

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 19:12 1

8. Sauce (unregistered)

But will it be better? NO ONE CARES if someone already had it before. Everybody cares if it fits their needs and it WORKS. For people who've had it before, it's about it being better. Thats what matters in the end.

You think people give a sh*t about who had what first? Nooope.

Lmaoooooooooo. Obvious fanboy is obvious.

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 19:34

10. Penny (Posts: 1478; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

While I agree with the basic philosophy that what matters most is how well it's implemented, the vast majority of fans you'll see are those from the Android camp constantly barking "So? Android's had that for..." regardless of how good WP's or iOS's new additions are.

Basically, your statement is HIGHLY hypocritical coming from an Android fan in the view of pretty much every non-Android fan.

*Edit: Check out Comment #9 in this thread. Pretty much case in point.*

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 19:49 2

12. Scott93274 (Posts: 2876; Member since: 06 Aug 2013)

Yup, but the truth is that number 9 is in fact an accurate statement.

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 06:38

16. Bridgep0rt (Posts: 39; Member since: 04 Apr 2012)

You forgot to add, that the advertise the MESS out of everything he mentioned in #9. Ive seen so many ads of Windows, X-Box, Zune, Bing, Windows Phone, Windows Tablets!

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 08:59 1

17. Bernoulli (limited) (Posts: 2586; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

Of course it's better, everyone knows how good Nokia mapping services are and cherry on top is, unlike Google, you don't need a data connection

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 23:39

21. andynaija (Posts: 673; Member since: 08 Sep 2012)

True but there was a time that I used Google Maps Navigation without a data connection and the GPS worked. I was surprised, Idk if it was because I had already traveled through the area before and it was probably working off of data that had already been previously downloaded.

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 23:57

22. Bernoulli (limited) (Posts: 2586; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

who knows, when I had a lagdroid phone and no service the gps feature was useless, sucks for those of us who travel outside of the country and don't want to pay those 15$ per megabyte

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:36

5. wilsong17 (unregistered)

Hmm no maybe a app dummy. Nobody is playing catch up

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:50

7. hurrycanger (Posts: 1518; Member since: 01 Dec 2013)

Never knew. xD

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 19:22 1

9. Scott93274 (Posts: 2876; Member since: 06 Aug 2013)

All Microsoft knows how to do is play catch up, they're always a "Me too!" company, Windows, X-Box, Zune, Bing, Windows Phone, Windows Tablets, Cortana.... They've never pioneered a new market, they only swoop in after they see that other's are making money off of it.

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 12:42

19. ZeroCide (Posts: 726; Member since: 09 Jan 2013)

Not all product Microsoft are "Catch-up" products and even if they are most are superior to the competition.

Windows - not sure why you consider this a catchup product it is an surerior OS to most any

X-Box - Exelecnt Gaming/ Entertanmet Product

Zune - Poorly executed but better music player to ipods.

Bing - Needs some help but im sure it will get there now that it is Cortanas backbone.

Windows Phone - There hace been windows phones since '03 (windows mobile)

Windows Tablets - I've seen Windows tablets since the early XP days back in '02 , '03

Cortana - Voice recognition has been in wIndows since early on, this is just an evolution of that in a mobile space and im sure soon to the desktop.

Microsoft is an innovating company with products like kinect and others in the pipeline. They devote large amout of funds to R&D at their edison labs.

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 23:59

23. Bernoulli (limited) (Posts: 2586; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

because when this feature came out it was microsoft, what a joke, it was NOKIA not microsoft, with due respect, come out of whatever cave you've been living in, and even as of this second nokia is still a separate entity from microsoft

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 20:36 1

13. joey_sfb (Posts: 4461; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

While I think its great that wp has that feature I don't see it as the same. Google now is an voice assistance that delivers information as you need them.

Do wp8 has an equivalent of Google Now? So the devil is indeed in the details.

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 09:02

18. Bernoulli (limited) (Posts: 2586; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

Does * wp8 have an equivalent of Google now? Perhaps not as of now, but can you use augmented reality, like we do in the lumia range to find our car which is the topic here

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:30 5

3. Planterz (Posts: 1662; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

Your meme is bad and you should feel bad.

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 18:35

4. Sauce (unregistered)

People (for the most part) already have something that does this.

It's called a BRAIN.

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 19:47 1

11. kaikuheadhunterz (Posts: 1102; Member since: 18 Jul 2013)

Wrong meme, bro

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 22:05 6

14. Stuntman (Posts: 828; Member since: 01 Aug 2011)

I want Google Now to help me find a place to park. I don't have an issue finding where I parked.

posted on 09 Apr 2014, 22:56

15. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3683; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

Lol Ancient aliens guy. Dude where's my car ROFL. Dont know why whenever i see this guy's face and his expressions while he's talking, I cant help myself from laughing.

posted on 10 Apr 2014, 19:41

20. Crispin_Gatieza (Posts: 1143; Member since: 23 Jan 2014)

An app for finding a car....how quaint. There used to be this technology called GPS that I used to use that allowed me to hit a button and create was used to be called a "waypoint". This was beneficial in finding favorite fishing holes and such. Whenever I wanted to return to that same, exact spot all I would do is hit another button and my Garmin handheld would take straight there. This was back in1996. The older LORAN C standard was even more accurate until NOAA shut it down in favor of GPS.

Guys, there's very few new ideas coming out. A lot of vastly improved rehashes like infrared, biometric sensors, etc. but nothing new. My 2005 Palm T/X PDA does things that no iPad, Surface or Android tablet can do today. My guess is they're all waiting to get their hands on Palm's patent portfolio.

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