Samsung GALAXY Gio Review

Samsung GALAXY Gio Review
This is a global GSM phone. It can beused with T-Mobile USA and AT&T, but without 3G.


Samsung announced a quartet of low- to mid-range Android smartphones in January, and the Samsung Galaxy Gio was in the mix there – an Android 2.2 phone with a 3.2” display, and 800MHz processor. With the four humble handsets, Samsung demonstrated that it is not only shooting for the stars with phones like the Galaxy S II, but also considering the mere mortal, price-conscious cell phone shoppers. Did it succeed to strike the fine features/price balance with the Samsung Galaxy Gio? Read on to find out...


The Samsung Galaxy Gio is thick just enough, with tapered back cover edges, and rounded corners, which make it fit well in the hand. Samsung leaves the glossy black plastic back in 2010, and on the Galaxy Gio we have dotted pattern, which looks nice.

You can compare the Samsung Galaxy Gio with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The 3.2” LCD display sports the decent for its size 320x480 pixels resolution, and is of quite good quality. It is bright, with good viewing angles for a regular TFT-LCD screen, and rich color gamut. We've seen much, much worse displays on touchscreen phones at this price point.

The Samsung Galaxy Gio has a 3MP camera on the back, without a flash, next to a speaker grill. There is a nice long power/lock button on the right side, very easy to find and press, and the microSD slot is placed on the right side too, which adds to the overall comfort feel of the device, since you don't have to remove the battery cover each time you want to take out the memory card.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Gio has very simple and pleasant design, the display is good, while the buttons around the sides are easy to press. On top of that, the handset is very, very light, at 3.6 oz (102 gr).

Samsung Galaxy Gio 360-degrees View:



32. nicklessa

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 12, 2012

I've had this this phone for almost a yr, and there's 1 feature that i have hated since i got it..when your texting, it will call some random person, and briefly show you the end call screen, then you have to pop the battery to get it to stop..or you accidently call instead of whatever, and it starts ringing, before the screen pops up to end call..grr

31. buggerrer

Posts: 306; Member since: Sep 21, 2011

Just got this a few days ago for $150 CDN no contract. I've never used a smartphone before but I think this is excellent for the price. It's very hard to make this phone lag and battery life isn't as bad as people here are saying. I've played around with the vaunted iphone and there's not much difference in how this responds/functions. Of course I wish it had flash but for this price I can't complain.

29. ethannn unregistered

phone is a peice of junk!!!!!! the battery dies in about 7 hours and when it dies i plug it in the charger and it will no turn on for a few hours a real hasle..... but other then that when the phones on its a good phone!

28. Haikarainen unregistered

Btw, the batteryproblem is usual with android devices, it's because people who use them dont know how to turn off apps/settings that drain batteries! Buy an iPhone if you cant handle techstuff. Dont use internet/maps? Turn off Wifi/GPS! Dont use 3G? Set 2G only! Download some process manager to kill apps you dont use. Turn off syncing if you dont need it. Turn of datatransmission-mode if you don't need internet also. Use the device wisely and itll do you good.

26. Haikarainen unregistered

The reason that flash is not supported, is because adobe's famous lazyness with porting their products to different architectures. The Qualcomm QCT MSM7227-1 runs an architecture that adobe seems to have left out, hence the incompatability. They should release it sooner or later though, but don't hold your breath.

23. amer unregistered

how much this phone ? i want to buy this phone too.. ;p

24. pringles unregistered

the samsung galaxy gio is 149.99 dollars on prepaid

27. Haikarainen unregistered

Bought mine bound to a service provider (Comviq in SWE) for ~€70-80

22. tfer unregistered

Everything anyone ever said about rubbish battery life is true!!! Have had this phone three months now and have to charge it every day. Also Lynne's comment about hanging up. If the screen blanks out, when you recover it the keypad is gone and you have to shut the phone down to hang up. It's a piece of merde' Samsung should do the walk of shame!

21. Abdullah unregistered

Hi dear is there front camera in galaxy gio

19. pringles unregistered

or if anyone knows of a better phone for around the same price range that would be helpfull up to $ 250.00 prepaid.

18. pringles unregistered

was looking to buy either the samsung galaxy gio or the htc wildfire s. does anyone know which is better? the texting is the most important. thanks

20. funky unregistered

Man, dont go for htc wildfire, it a piece of junk, i had that set, and it was not even able to play angry bird with out lags, simply a waste of money, i would prefer u to have gio, its worth it, :o)

25. pringles unregistered

thanks for the input. i have talked to others too and i have decided to get the samsung galaxy gio, my only worry is about battery life span i have heard its really bad.

17. Mo unregistered

got this phone a few days ago. great response time. battery life is very low, samsung should have thought of it for a multi applicatiion phone. would be great if there was an option to keep the screen from switching off when using GPS option.

14. mike unregistered

I just got this phone and so far its great except i cant install adobe air and firefox on it. Anyone now why?

13. melxyas warino unregistered

mau tanya,nada sms samsung galaxy gio,bisa di buat mp3 gak

12. quentin unregistered

i have a samsung galaxy gio i accidently switched my keyboard to swype key mode how do i change it back to original keyboard?

16. LINSB07 unregistered

Just hold your finger in the stop where you type, then select "input method" once the pop-up menu comes up, and change it back to "Samsung Keyboard"

11. foxontherock unregistered

If you like a battery duration of more than 24 hours, when doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with the phone, do not buy this. It drains battery energy by doing nothing.

10. MachiShupp unregistered

I got this for free from my sim's company and so far I'm very impressed. I thought that since it's an touchscreen phone it would be hard to type because I once used an iPhone for about a week . And that gave me a really bad impression on touchscreen phones ! But now, I so take it back. :D this phone

9. Lynne Woods unregistered

All I want to know is how to end a call thank y ou

8. G unregistered

Perfect phone! Love much better than my previous one (iphone 3G) - nice display, good battery life, quick response.

7. ALot unregistered

It has great battery life! You clearly have no idea of what you're talking about...sad...

6. Toomuch unregistered

Phone has no battery life. Piece of junk.

15. ROLO666 unregistered

every android device has that problem dude

5. nanobot unregistered

hello want to ask,does this galaxy gio have a macro fiture on its camera? i want to buy this handset very soon,thank u

30. caseychanfc

Posts: 3; Member since: Nov 20, 2011

It's all auto, just focus on a close up subject and it'll do the job - in fact it does it pretty well. Many a time it could focus on a close up subject when my relatives iphone 4 couldn't :)

4. androidlover97

Posts: 1; Member since: May 28, 2011

you can't be serious, why this phone can be better than the galaxy ace?????

2. Eingild

Posts: 203; Member since: Apr 19, 2011

Omg! You again for the video review?!! I don't want to be a douche here but your voice is SSSOOOOOOOOO BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG!!
  • Display 3.2 inches
    480 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP (Single camera)
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, RAM
  • Storage 0.158GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1350 mAh
  • OS Android 2.3.3

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