Samsung doesn't shoot for the stars with the new Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy mini

Samsung doesn't shoot for the stars with the new Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy mini
The leaks and waiting are over, people. Gather around for Samsung's just-announced four new Android 2.2 Froyo phones in the Galaxy line. There is something for everybody, except for the most demanding folks, whose thirst for the high-end will be satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S2, come the MWC expo next month. There Samsung will also be demoing the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which we already wrote about, the Samsung Galaxy Fit, the Galaxy Gio, and the Galaxy mini, which we only knew from rumors before. In that order:

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is the high-roller of the newcomers in the Galaxy line. A 3.5" screen with 320x480 pixels of resolution is paired to an 800MHz CPU, with 150MB of RAM. The snapper is 5MP with LED flash, and the usual goodies offered by Sammy's camera software - Smile, Continuous and Panorama shots, among others.

Samsung Galaxy Fit takes the screen down a notch, at 3.3" with the most unpleasant 240x320 pixels resolution. The chipset is also downgraded to 600MHz with 160MB of RAM, but the camera stays the same - 5MP autofocus - this time without the LED flash.

The Galaxy Gio has a 3.2" display, but the resolution is much more tolerable at 320x480 pixels, and it has the same 800MHz chipset of the Galaxy Ace. Something had to give here to distinguish it from the Ace, and it is the camera - 3MP shooter, lacking any flash companionship.

The lowest of the low in the quartet is the Samsung Galaxy mini, with its 3.1-incher with 240x320 pixels of resolution, 600MHz CPU, and 3MP camera lacking a flash. The Galaxy mini is the only one with a 1200mAh battery, the rest have bigger 1350mAh juice packs.

As we said, Android 2.2 comes standard on all four, and they all shoot QVGA video at 15fps, even the 800MHz brethren. Samsung's DNS surround sound technology in headset mode is present on all, but the usual native DivX/Xvid support is missing in the Fantastic Four, which is easily repairable by a simple player download from Android Market.

Excited already? We didn't think so, but your wallet probably is, since these will most likely come at rock-bottom when they hit Russia, then Europe, India and China soon. No words yet on whether they will be available with North American frequencies. The good news - hey, they are all running Froyo, which cannot be said for many a high-end phone in the Galaxy line lately.

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2. CH unregistered

This can't be for real! I mean a +300€ phone with a 5mpix shooter THAT RECORDS FREAKIN' QVGA @ 15fps?! This can't be real or Samsung is seriously fucked up another good low/mid-end phone with one crucial thing. Even my old 170€ Nokia records smooth VGA@30fps... Seriously. Wtf?! "You get what you pay for" - Not. Hope that video recording isn't final. VGA @ 30fps will do if there isn't HD, then it's OK, but QVGA/QCIF is unacceptable these days for a 300€ phone. Perhaps in a 150€ phone it's acceptable. A 5mpix shooter can seriously do better. Anyone willing to bet if that information was invalid or that it'll be enhanced in a patch/update or something?

3. android01 unregistered

dude, dis handset costs around $200-$250.

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