Samsung Diva S7070 and Diva folder S5150 preview

Introduction and Design
These are global GSM phones and can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Introduction and design:

„Houston, we´ve got a problem!”. That was more or less what we thought when we first got our hands on the two cell phones of the Diva 2010 collection, the Samsung Diva S7070 and Samsung Diva folder S5150. How come? Well, it´s incredibly hard for a man to pass judgment on a handset designed with women in mind and sadly, there are few ladies on our team. That´s why we decided to call in help and sought the assistance of girlfriends, wives and the chick on the front cover of the last FHM issue. Unfortunately, this didn’t help much really, because the question “which of these two cell phones you´d prefer” led to a draw, with exactly the same number of votes going to either handset. 

The Samsung Diva S7070 is definitely the... simpler of the two. Just like any classic candybar device with touch-sensitive display, the 2.8-inch screen with QVGA resolution takes up the front side almost entirely. Fortunately, it utilizes capacitive technology and offers great sensitivity and comfort of use.

You can compare the Samsung Diva S7070 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The manufacturer has lent color to the overall design by equipping the handset with oddly shaped buttons. The one in the form of a diamond does remind us of Bejewelled, the game... As a whole it does contribute to the unique feeling the outer appearance of the handset creates and proved to be a big hit with all ladies we polled on the subject – they unanimously agreed they loved it. The pearly white color solution is definitely appealing as well, plus the quilted pattern of the back panel makes the phone harder to accidentally slip out of your hand. The Samsung Diva S7070 sports microUSB charger port, but lacks 3.5mm jack.

Just a friendly advice: Ladies, you better wear a pair of sunglasses if you plan to use the Samsung Diva folder S5150 on bright, sunny days or you will end up blinded for a time, because the surface is like mirror (that can´t be used as a mirror though). Hidden under the front side there is a LED display that shows a clock and information about incoming calls and missed events. All told, the phone does look quite appealing and its unique, quilted pattern and mirror-like finish are eye-riveting.

When open, the Samsung Diva folder S5150 reveals a 2.2-inch screen with QVGA resolution and standard numeric keypad. We are slightly surprised at the presence of a camera shutter and the landscape orientation of the camera interface – something rather uncharacteristic of clamshell devices. Taking snapshots feels a bit odd really, but by no means unpleasant. Strange, but our prototype comes without a delete key.

You can compare the Samsung Diva folder S5150 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

As a whole, the Samsung Diva folder S5150 is quite an extravagant handset and will certainly attract the attention of everyone around you. The Samsung Diva S7070 comes with more balanced outer appearance, but still, it´s pretty obvious it´s been designed for people of the fairer sex. It remind us of the likeable Samsung Corby S3650, the difference being the latter is not aimed at ladies exclusively.

Samsung Diva S7070 360 degrees view

Samsung Diva folder S5150 360 degrees view

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