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Samsung Diva folder S5150 Review

This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Introduction and Design:

The Samsung Diva folder S5150, also known as the „shinier one in the new Diva Collection 2010”, is a device that is totally capable of gripping the attention of those around you. Especially on sunny days, when it can literally make them blind as bats (rather than dazzled). Aside from its outward appearance, this is actually an utterly ordinary clamshell handset with 3.2-megapixel camera, external LED display, FM radio and microSDHC slot. In other words, we better not leave off its looks, because this is the distinguishing feature the Samsung Diva folder S5150 relies on.

Probably, there are many women with a penchant for shiny, glossy cell phones, although it turns out none of those we know happens to have a thing for that as it is. The former group is bound to fall in love with the device and its looks on the spot, but we do happen to have a word in season for them – you better just make sure you buy a pouch to protect the Samsung Diva folder S5150 from dirt and scratches. We cannot say whether or not the device gets scarred easily, but if you accidentally drop it on the ground or fail to look after it properly, it will definitely lose a lot of its glossy appeal. We are surprised the handset doesn’t come boxed with such a (much needed) accessory really.

We have said on many occasions that we have a weakness for external displays. You get one with this cell phone, plus you are even allowed to set it up to play various visual effects to customize events like incoming calls, audio playback, screensaver etc. It would have been great if users were actually able to pick the colors of these effects in order to make them go better with the phone theme on the internal display. Sadly, there is no such option. Still, the function fits the overall styling of the Samsung Diva folder S5150 nicely.

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The main screen measures 2.2-inches, has QVGA resolution and offers quite pleasing image quality thanks to its 16mln. color support. It´s certainly not sight unseen, but will do. All told, we cannot recommend using the Samsung Diva folder S5150 in direct sunlight – the phone blinds you when closed and you will hardly make what´s on screen when you open it.

The keypad buttons are good, although they are not raised enough (something typical of clamshell devices).  On the other hand, they are large and feature pleasing travel. The latter applies to the buttons on either side of the handset as well. There are several shortcomings – the device lacks 3.5mm headphone jack and the microSDHC card slot is exceptionally well hidden under the battery. By the way, the specific, rugged pattern of the entire body does contribute a lot to the pleasing feeling you get when holding the handset in your hand. Unfortunately, it also doesn´t make it any harder for the device to accidentally slip out of your hand.

Similarly to the way we feel about the other member of the Diva Collection 2010 (the Diva S7070), we cannot say we are enchanted by the overall design of the Diva folder S5150. Just like its sibling, it looks more “girlish” and less “womanly”.

Samsung Diva folder S5150 360 Degrees View:

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