Samsung Diva folder S5150 Review

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

Introduction and Design:

The Samsung Diva folder S5150, also known as the „shinier one in the new Diva Collection 2010”, is a device that is totally capable of gripping the attention of those around you. Especially on sunny days, when it can literally make them blind as bats (rather than dazzled). Aside from its outward appearance, this is actually an utterly ordinary clamshell handset with 3.2-megapixel camera, external LED display, FM radio and microSDHC slot. In other words, we better not leave off its looks, because this is the distinguishing feature the Samsung Diva folder S5150 relies on.

Probably, there are many women with a penchant for shiny, glossy cell phones, although it turns out none of those we know happens to have a thing for that as it is. The former group is bound to fall in love with the device and its looks on the spot, but we do happen to have a word in season for them – you better just make sure you buy a pouch to protect the Samsung Diva folder S5150 from dirt and scratches. We cannot say whether or not the device gets scarred easily, but if you accidentally drop it on the ground or fail to look after it properly, it will definitely lose a lot of its glossy appeal. We are surprised the handset doesn’t come boxed with such a (much needed) accessory really.

We have said on many occasions that we have a weakness for external displays. You get one with this cell phone, plus you are even allowed to set it up to play various visual effects to customize events like incoming calls, audio playback, screensaver etc. It would have been great if users were actually able to pick the colors of these effects in order to make them go better with the phone theme on the internal display. Sadly, there is no such option. Still, the function fits the overall styling of the Samsung Diva folder S5150 nicely.

You can compare the Samsung Diva folder S5150 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The main screen measures 2.2-inches, has QVGA resolution and offers quite pleasing image quality thanks to its 16mln. color support. It´s certainly not sight unseen, but will do. All told, we cannot recommend using the Samsung Diva folder S5150 in direct sunlight – the phone blinds you when closed and you will hardly make what´s on screen when you open it.

The keypad buttons are good, although they are not raised enough (something typical of clamshell devices).  On the other hand, they are large and feature pleasing travel. The latter applies to the buttons on either side of the handset as well. There are several shortcomings – the device lacks 3.5mm headphone jack and the microSDHC card slot is exceptionally well hidden under the battery. By the way, the specific, rugged pattern of the entire body does contribute a lot to the pleasing feeling you get when holding the handset in your hand. Unfortunately, it also doesn´t make it any harder for the device to accidentally slip out of your hand.

Similarly to the way we feel about the other member of the Diva Collection 2010 (the Diva S7070), we cannot say we are enchanted by the overall design of the Diva folder S5150. Just like its sibling, it looks more “girlish” and less “womanly”.

Samsung Diva folder S5150 360 Degrees View:

Interface and Functionality:

Since Samsung appears to be predominantly focused on cell phones equipped with touch sensitive screens, the interface of their devices without such a display has remained virtually untouched for quite some time now. In other words, the Samsung Diva folder S5150 runs almost the same software as the Samsung SGH-G400 that is almost two years old now. One of the extra features of said interface is you are allowed to place shortcuts directly onto the home screen to gain quick access to various functions.

It is not that the interface is bad really, plus it´s easy to get used to. Still, we would like to see the software evolve. Moreover, except for the specific phone themes, there is simply no other software feature to tip you off the phone is intended for women (judging by the software alone). Samsung could have done better and added extras like woman´s calendar, cook book or driving lessons (a joke, of course). After all, Diva Collection 2010 is dubbed “exclusive cell phone series designed for the fairer sex”.

Two years ago, internet browser like Access NetFront 3.5 could have passed for a proper application (for a feature phone). In 2010, however, it looks downright antiquated and the lack of 3G and Wi-Fi functionality equates to limited usability and in the case of simple, less complex websites only.

The Samsung Diva folder S5150 integrates a 3.2-megapixel camera without autofocus and flash. It´s interesting that its interface runs in landscape mode, something almost unheard of with clamshell handsets. The snapshot quality is good for such a camera, with realistic colors and enough details. The limited video capture capabilities (QVGA resolution at 12 frames per second) mean you will never actually come to use the feature.

The Samsung Diva folder S5150 sports a good audio player with quite a few content filtering and track recognition options. You also get an FM radio with RDS. We didn’t have the chance to test the boxed headset pair, but the loudspeaker delivers decent sound. We plugged in one of our earphone sets and were able to relish audio playback with relatively pleasing quality.

Performance and Conclusion:

What the Samsung Diva folder S5150 shines with (aside from the glossy material it´s made from) is the in-call quality it delivers and we rate it close to perfect. Voices were loud and realistic on both ends of the line, with just a soft sharp ring to them, but you can easily fix the problem by decreasing the volume a bit.

The battery is robust and a single charge gives about 7 hours of continuous talk time and 20 days of stand-by.

The Samsung Diva folder S5150 is disappointing in many respects. Far be it from us to pass judgment on the overall appeal of such a handset (with mostly men on our team), all ladies we polled stated they were unimpressed by its design. Still, we cannot simply rule out the possibility that some women may be indeed attracted by it. We are, however, of the opinion that Samsung could and should have shown better concern by providing software for women and refreshing the now ageing interface for feature phones. Moreover, we have noticed the manufacturer has the disturbing tendency to overprice its devices designed for the fairer sex and sell them for much more than what they are worth. This, of course, gives unisex models like the Nokia 3710 fold and Sony Ericsson Jalou a competitive edge, since they offer quite similar functionality.

Having reviewed the couple of models from the Diva Colletion 2010, we cannot but ask ourselves the question “Why aren´t there any high-tech devices for women?” We believe that many women today would not disregard the chance to get a device with improved functionality, better camera and multimedia features. What they are offered instead, however, is yet another receiver with offbeat design. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?


  • Excellent in-call quality
  • Robust battery
  • Cool external display


  • Unusable in direct sunlight
  • Subpar multimedia capabilities
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Antiquated internet browser
  • No specific software for women

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