Nokia 6700 classic Review

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM phone, it can be used with AT&T's 1900MHz 3G band, and with T-Mobile without 3G.


The Nokia 6700 classic is heir apparent to one of the most successful models of Nokia yet to date, the 6300. The manufacturer claims the youngster shares part of the DNA of its famous predecessor and you just need a brief look to find out why that is – the 6700 is a beauty, made in the same style but with a more attractive and much daintier face.

The device runs the latest, 6th edition version of the S40 interface. To keep abreast of times and 2009, the Nokia 6700 sports a tri-band 3G functionality, 5-megapixel autofocus camera, integrated A-GPS, accelerometer and based on its features, the Nokia 6700 can be classified as an upper midrange cell phone.

Aside from the handset itself, what you also get in the box is a charger, microUSB cable, 1GB microSD card, stereo headset with microUSB jack, user guide and 10 EUR voucher that you can use to purchase tracks from the online store of the manufacturer. The Nokia 6300 came packed with a leather case, but the accessory is missing here, which we find rather disappointing; even a velvet pouch would´ve been better than nothing.


The Nokia 6700 classic features a stylish, neat design and is made of quality materials (metal body) and you feel it the second you get the phone in your hand and you really get the feeling as if holding an Arte lineup model. Fine workmanship indeed! Our unit is pitch black and looks dainty and appealing, but the phone is also offered in gray-black and brown-black.

Like the 6300, the Nokia 6700 classic is really compact. It´s 1mm thinner than its predecessor, but seems to have put on weight – it´s 4.11 oz. (116 gr.) as compared to the 3.20 oz. (91 gr.) of its forerunner. You can distinctly feel it in your pocket all the time, but being really slim, it won´t make your pocket bulge out.

You can compare the Nokia 6700 classic with many other phones using ourSize Visualization Tool.

The handset features a 2.2-inch TFT display with resolution of 240x320 pixels and 16 mln color support. Images retain their vivid, nicely represented colors and proper contrast in artificial lighting conditions, although the overall quality cannot be compared to what AMOLED screens deliver. Reflections appear in direct sunlight, although they are unobtrusive and things remain easy to read.

The navigational (except for the D-Pad) and keypad buttons are flush with the surface and don´t feel clearly discernible to touch. We do not have any gripes regarding the former, but the keypad is not that good. We felt constant discomfort using the upper and lower most button rows, because our fingers would hit against the edges all the time. We would definitely stay away from the keypad when it comes to typing away messages.

Taking a look at either side clearly shows how neat the design is. There are buttons on the right hand side of the phone only – volume rocker and camera shutter. The latter is well made, but the former is really unhandy to use, it´s really hard to press against and its travel is not well pronounced. 

Nokia 6700 classic 360 Degrees View:

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