LG Viewty, Samsung G600 and Nokia N95 Camera Comparison

LG Viewty, Samsung G600 and Nokia N95 Camera Comparison
We had the chance to get the LG Viewty – the most feature rich model of the manufacturer coming in design similar to the fashionable PRADA phone. As it is advertised as 5-megapixel auto-focus cameraphone with Schneider-KREUZNACH lens, we were curious to see how it would perform next to other camera-dedicated phones. We put it through a test with Nokia N95, Samsung G600 and a 6-megapixel stand-alone digital camera.

Unfortunately, still there is no final-version of the Viewty, so when it is released there may be difference with the one we test, that’s why we won’t comment on “which is best” and will just publish the photos. Keep in mind, in (near) future we will publish a real in-depth cameraphone comparison when more new 5-megapixel (or more) phones have final versions.

Phones currently tested: LG Viewty, Nokia N95 and Samsung SGH-G600

100% Crop:

Images Comparison:
(scroll down to see Video Comparison)

If you'd like to see how the Sony Ericsson K850 performs, please check its comparison:

Nokia N95, Samsung G600 and Sony Ericsson K850 Camera Comparison

Video Comparison:

We've also created sample Video clips with the phones, as they all can capture in VGA resolution:

Video 1 (click on the phone's name to view its video clip): LG Viewty, Samsung G600, Nokia N95, SD630
Video 2 (click on the phone's name to view its video clip): LG Viewty, Samsung G600, Nokia N95



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10. VooDoo unregistered

Thankyou for uploading video i thought n95 was best video but you change my mind thanks alot LG KU900 is winner over all. and You are the best only person who post samples

9. sydney unregistered

heya well im goin on contract and i didnt know what to phone to get but i thought about the lg viewty but ya kno wot im gettin the viewty best one by far

8. Belajar SEO unregistered

i was about to buy viewty... okay! confirm!

7. Ck unregistered

Here, Photo Comparison, Samsung G600 vs Nokia N82 and LG KU990 Viewty http://www.cookiecoffee.com/index.php?lay=show&ac=article&Id=534548350&Ntype=2

6. Chava unregistered

they all take good pics but 4 my money i just bought a g600 cause all the other phones are so expensive in the U.S. n95=600 viewty=550 g600=300 .................and o yeah there arnt any cool games on the viewty and its pics are the worst of these cameras duh but it has the best video camera ill give it that.

5. Bob unregistered

Looks like out of all the phones, the Viewty takes the best pics...followed by the N95 then the G600. All great phones though.

4. Jon2 unregistered

No doubt in my mind that LG Viewty is the winner here! Those who disagree are blind and don't deserve to have any eyes!

3. hey unregistered

nice comparison

2. javier unregistered

dont like strobe flash the rest of the phone is perfect nokia please,xenon flash now

1. pachi unregistered

Nokia got some heavy competition now..

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