Nokia N95, Samsung G600 and Sony Ericsson K850 Camera Comparison

Back in the years, phones were only phones and the additional functionality was limited to options in the phonebook and the organizer. Now, in 2007, the mobile phones are evolving all the time and models announced only a year ago are already outdated, as the new technologies lead to greater functionality and better quality. Phones are no more phones, they turned into multimedia devices that everybody brings with them.

Almost all modern mobile phones have integrated digital cameras. Exceptions are the ultra low-end models and the ones, targeted to people who can’t bring any type of camera, due to security restrictions, etc. But it’s not only about having a camera, it’s about its features and quality. A separate class of “high-end dedicated cameraphones” appeared and we like you,the readers were interested in “who’s the best”.

Last time we did a comparison on the best cameraphones, the N95 won mostly because of its resolution, which is 5-megapixels. The rival models from other brands were only 3-megapixel and the only other 5-megapixel device (the KG920) was not a deal breaker. Today, the things are different. Sony Ericsson and Samsung already showed their 5-megapixel GSM phones and we are ready to test them, compared to the N95.

Unfortunately, K850 is still in pre-production or beta status, which means that once it finally launches, its camera performance may actually differ. This is the reason why we won’t really rate the images from the comparisons. We know that many of you are curious to see how the K850 performs, even being a prototype, so we will publish our tests. You can decide which is the best, but keep in mind, once the K850 final unit appears, we will publish an in-depth comparison with other 5-megapixel (or more) cameraphones.

Phones currently tested:

  1. Nokia N95
  2. Samsung SGH-G600
  3. Sony Ericsson K850 (Prototype)

And Canon SD630 6-megapixel camera for reference

We’ve put the devices through a few tests, which you will find in the following pages.

Test 1: Pictures, taken in the open, in broaddaylight

Теst 2:Nighttime pictures

Test 3:Pictures at artificial light: different power, different distances

Теst 4:Test situation: colors and resolution

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