Nokia N95, Samsung G600 and Sony Ericsson K850 Camera Comparison

Nokia N95, Samsung G600 and Sony Ericsson K850 Camera Comparison
Back in the years, phones were only phones and the additional functionality was limited to options in the phonebook and the organizer. Now, in 2007, the mobile phones are evolving all the time and models announced only a year ago are already outdated, as the new technologies lead to greater functionality and better quality. Phones are no more phones, they turned into multimedia devices that everybody brings with them.

Almost all modern mobile phones have integrated digital cameras. Exceptions are the ultra low-end models and the ones, targeted to people who can’t bring any type of camera, due to security restrictions, etc. But it’s not only about having a camera, it’s about its features and quality. A separate class of “high-end dedicated cameraphones” appeared and we like you,the readers were interested in “who’s the best”.

Last time we did a comparison on the best cameraphones, the N95 won mostly because of its resolution, which is 5-megapixels. The rival models from other brands were only 3-megapixel and the only other 5-megapixel device (the KG920) was not a deal breaker. Today, the things are different. Sony Ericsson and Samsung already showed their 5-megapixel GSM phones and we are ready to test them, compared to the N95.

Unfortunately, K850 is still in pre-production or beta status, which means that once it finally launches, its camera performance may actually differ. This is the reason why we won’t really rate the images from the comparisons. We know that many of you are curious to see how the K850 performs, even being a prototype, so we will publish our tests. You can decide which is the best, but keep in mind, once the K850 final unit appears, we will publish an in-depth comparison with other 5-megapixel (or more) cameraphones.

Phones currently tested:

  1. Nokia N95
  2. Samsung SGH-G600
  3. Sony Ericsson K850 (Prototype)

And Canon SD630 6-megapixel camera for reference

We’ve put the devices through a few tests, which you will find in the following pages.



1. SE unregistered

i think that k850 has the best cam, some pics are even better than that canon cam, and it stills a prototype .. i think those pics will be way better when they releas it.

2. vctrdnl unregistered

well i think that the photos taken by k850 are the worst-they are too pale (at least the majority of them, but some of the photos are really good) for me the camera quality of g600 i surprisingly good, having in mind the fact that all samsung phones have failed in such tests till now...

3. Toa unregistered

wow the N95 didn't really do so well comparing to the other 2. The G600 is pretty good! K850 didn't really surprise me there.

4. unregistered

the g600 is surprisingly better than the other 2. its color is most comparable to that of the digicam. k850 and n95 are worst in different situation.

5. unregistered

i personally think n95 did the best except in low light situation, which was the same problem with n80 (i have n80 as well as samsung d900, both of which are 3 mp-i think d900 beat the n80 in terms of picture quality). but this time the g600 looks very blurred in some and overexposed in others. i think the n95 was the truest to real color, again except in low light situations. not even going to mention the SE.

6. Jesse unregistered

the nokia hands down has the besy camera

7. nick unregistered

well there is no one solution than this 4. place k850, 3. place canon, 2. place g600, and of course first place take n95

8. shane unregistered

I'm actually amazed at how poorly the k850 did in these tests.It only excels in the low light situations.Also can't believe how well the g600 did.The n95 did better in most photos,but I have to say I think the g600 comes out on top.

9. sean unregistered

for anyone who still thinks the g600 is better than nokia, just look at how over-exposed the yellow flowers are in the comparison photo. the nokia did bad also, but samsung just blew it big time. also, if you look at all of them next to each other (i cut and paste for side-by-side comparison), you will see that nokia produced sharper images and more true-to-life than samsung. this comparison piece really helped. i was almost ready to buy the g600 but now i think i'll go for the n95.

10. kashif unregistered

Most of the pics of g600 are very good in every aspect, like day time photo grapy, nitetime, And also good in showing different colors near to reallity as compared to K850 & N95. Basically i am basicly an SE fan, but unfortunately results shown by g600 pics are good than k850. Welldone g600 u are hero of 5mp camera mobiles till the next coming.

11. JKV unregistered

In my opinion G600 is a very good performer,i think it can handle all the situation very well. K850 is very worse,all the photo taken had a white overlay except those taken under low light.Though it is a beta one why was the white overlay absent in low light condition but was seen elsewhere?any reason... N95 was equal/better than g600 but in low light it completely gave off.But certain things have to be appreciated as in night outdoor shots the streetlamp glowed in other 2 phones but it didnt in n95. G600 - 8 N95 - 7 K850 -5

12. G600 unregistered

G600 is more than a match for Canon, especially in print.

13. unregistered

Without a doubt K850 is the winner. Second is N95

14. khan unregistered

considering the size of mobile, i think G600 is best because it is much slimmer than n95 and k850. g600 rocks

15. Tony unregistered

been doing bit ov research for last few days on the 3 phones and it came down to design and camara and it was the g600 that did it sleek an sexy, camara faired well alround althou it is slugish at takin pics they can blur but still best pictures produced when taken from 2-4 mters and gave best background detail i've orderd mine carnt wait!

16. Tino Mclaren unregistered

I love the pic quality of my K750i (2mp) I have ordered the g600 yesterday but was worried how it would fair against the K850 but these pics are really good and im not so worried. I have reservations as to the final quality of the K850 as I think once all the settings are finalised then pic quality will much it improves...who knows and this whole excercise will im sure be done once agiain. As the cameras are now the N95 takes a 'Fuller' pic in daylight but when light fails its rubbish........The K850 is not performing very well in any condition (I think this will change tho) and the g600 is doing pretty well all round. So its the g600 at the moment for me. I've got a week to try my g600, im hoping the K850 will appear on the market within a week or im stuck for 18 months!! Oh well in for a penny.... Come on Sony get the K850 out NOW PLEASE....

17. Sand unregistered

G600 is nº1 in pic quality

18. unregistered

Agree, G600 is the best!

19. Mario unregistered

I will not differ from most of ppl here and i'll say yeah the g600 is the best. keep in mind this comparison is btn the 3 mobiles and the cannon cam is the reference as no one can beat the quality of canon cameras not even sony. I can see clearly that the samsung's phone is the most identical to the canon. That's 1st. 2nd Thing. we are all sure that N95 is more than just a phone coz all of its powerful features but look at the price too. Samsung can do it very well and produce the world's cheapest and most beautiful phones like no other. In this case, the G600 is packed of very very Very nice features like it can record from the radio IN MP3 QUALITYYYY!!!! imagine ???!!!!. So if u want a powerful device with unlimited features buy N95. If u wanna buy a stylish phone with the most likely dedicated camera buy a G600 and its features will be surprising too. that's alll sony ericsson ?? what can i say ? i'd better wait for the final edition and hope the new coming rocking monster G800 would not beat him with its 3x optical zoom and better camera.

20. Jeff unregistered

N95 is clearly out because it's no good in low light, and a phone camera is often used in low light conditions. Of the other three, the G600 and the Canon over-saturate the colours. Yes, the pictures look pretty but they're not true to life. If you want implausibly blue sky you can use photo-editing software to get that effect, but my preference is a camera that is true to life. The G600 struggles in a number of the shots and seems to have a problem wiith darker areas towards the edge of the frame. Whilst the Canon is clearly technically superior, where the K850 wins is its versatility: it does something good with shots that all the other three fail on, in several cases. I have an expensive Canon camera with lots of settings already, my phone camera should complement that by being point and shoot - so that versatility would make me go for the K850 any time. If you don't like the "white film", yes it does tend to over-expose a little, but not so much as to lose the highlights, so just pull down the blacks on your PC and that problem goes away.

21. unregistered

Ok. It is clear to see that the G600 stands atop this competition. With the G600, you no longer need to keep an extra digicam at home. Imagine, you are bringing a mobile phone and a digicam with you; and it's a G600! If it can ALMOST rival the image quality of a Canon camera, then it is UNDENIABLY the best cameraphone around!! Way to go, Samsung! I now understand why you are the World's #1 consumer electronics brand!! Can't wait to grab myself a G800!

22. Chava unregistered

But the G600 comes in a close 2nd so close that i just had 2 buy a g600 and i just got 1 off ebay 4 $200!!!! the N95 i think adds way to much color as if they put a locked pastel mode hahah & a pro critic agrees that it may just discolor some pics As i did so much research on all of these phones including the LG Viewty plus the g600 does not have an LED flash it has a POWER LED flash. so basicly. excluding the cannon. 1.Samsung G600-9 2.Nokia N95-8.8 3.LG Viewty-8.5 (must see) 4.S.E. K850-8.3

23. Electronic Dude unregistered

Most affordable. Great specifications. High performance. Definitely for those who think before they buy. The price is not worthy. Good thing Samsung is considerate. This review/ comments removed all my doubts about this phone. Those doubts embedded in my mind by the review in

24. G600 DA BEST unregistered

the g6oo is the best fone ot of them lol

25. Imran unregistered

4. k850 3. canon 2. g600 1. n95 But Samsung G600 Is My fav.

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