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LG Viewty Preview

LG Prada was one of the first phones on the market, designed as a device that is mainly controlled by its large touch display. In this aspect, it was similar to the earlier announced Apple iPhone, but traded some of its functionality for smaller dimensions and more stylish design and interface. Although it looked well, it had mediocre features and was excellent for fashion gurus, but not so for people that want all-in-one phone. LG has decided to change this, and it happens with the Viewty which moves the functionality of the previous model to the next level. It is not co-branded with Prada, but still has similar dimensions and design, which definitely class it in the "pretty-phones" line.

As the phone is still not commercially available we are using a prototype unit. At this moment, all Viewty phones around the globe are pre-production units, with early versions of the software. The quality of both the hardware and the software might change when commercially available versions appear, and this is the reason why we, unlike some other sites, will do a Preview instead of full Review and will not give any ratings. Once final units appear, we will update you with in-depth review with all the opinions and the ratings.

Actually, the Viewty is slightly larger than the Prada in any aspect in addition to being heavier, but still is well sized, considering the 3" display and the 5-megapixel camera. 14mm thick, it fits easily into the pocket and in the hand definitely feels lighter than the specifications say. The front looks stylish, housing the speaker, LG logo and camera for video calling on the top, the huge display in the middle, and just three buttons on the bottom. It deffinitely has a high-end look and feel but next to the Prada phone looks more like an advanced gadget instead of a stylish handset.

The touch-screen technology has been used for many years, but in the cellphone market it is getting more and more popular with each day. Although it is the main controlling mechanism in many smartphones, most of the manufacturers are trying to give the customer an alternative (jog-dial, trackballs, wheels, etc) for single handed usage. In contrast, when it comes to non-smart devices with touch-displays, the idea is to avoid the physical buttons as much as possible. A class of “touch-screen-only” phones appeared, started by the Apple iPhone and the LG Prada. The Viewty is also positioned here with its 3” WQVGA (240x400) pixels display with up to 262k colors.

What must be noted is the type of the display. In the Prada phone, LG used a matrix that was activated by the electricity of the skin, while in the Viewty it is standard, which can be operated with an object like a pen (or stylus) for example. The accuracy is improved but if you don’t use the two devices next to each other will hardly notice this. What makes great difference in the two displays is the brightness and color representation, where the Viewty is an obvious winner. Set at 40% brightness, it is as bright as the Prada set on 100% but unlike it has accurate colors, not biased to yellow. Unfortunately, sensor for controlling the brightness is lacking and you’ll have to manually change it in different environments.

Like the Prada, the Viewty keeps the tradition of 3-keys on the front - Аnswer, Reject and Clear between them. Here they are merging with the design and are hardly noticeable when not lit up. Unlocking the phone (keyboard, display) will illuminate them to be easily distinguished.

PhoneArena's video Preview of LG Viewty:

As the Viewty is designed as high-end cameraphone, the back side is designed to match this idea and reminds of a pocket camera. On the right is the big lens with circular scroll-ring around it, and next to it are the flash and the focus-assist lamp. As in Prada, the lens is branded by Schneider-KREUZNACH which is one of the big names in the optics market.

The ring around the lens is used as a scroll in various situations. By default in the camera interface, it controls the digital zoom level but if you’ve chosen the manual focus options (see the camera part) it will change the focusing distance. It will also double as a scroll (up-down) in various menus around the interface that require one.

As you know, the stand-alone cameras have lens on the front, big display on the back and lots of controls on the top. It’s the same for the Viewty, and all camera keys are on the top when in landscape and respectively on the right when in portrait orientation. Here are the (camera-camcorder-playback), the (un)lock key that turns on/off the digital stabilizer and the two-step shutter, which is also a shortcut.

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