HTC Touch2 Review

Introduction and Design
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This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA, but without 3G.


It feels as if it had been yesterday when we first saw the HTC Touch, the famous forerunner of probably the most successful series of Windows Mobile phones ever. Actually this happened in 2007 (the same year when the iPhone 2GS rolled out), the phone featured WM 6.0 that was well hidden under TouchFLO and was considered a high-end device. The level of personalization was nothing out of this world really (although even two years later, some manufacturers still don’t seem able to catch up), but the compact size and elegant design of the handset managed to win over quite a few people, including us. The Diamond-strewn and Pro-fessional models that appeared later launched HTC into orbit and made the company the world´s leading manufacturer of Windows Mobile devices. Of course, we should mention memorable models like the affordable HTC Touch Viva and Touch 3G.

Two years later and just a few days after the official release of version 6.5 of the operating system of the software giant, what we have in our hands is the HTC Touch2 that unlike its predecessor is not exactly technologically advanced for its time. This is a mainstream handset, coming with features that are similar to what the HTC Touch Diamond2 delivers. Its processor runs at the same frequency (528MHz) and the amount of RAM is slightly lower (256MB instead of 288MB). The HTC Touch2 utilizes Windows Mobile 6.5 and a motley version of the TouchFLO interface.


Design-wise, the HTC Touch2 will definitely manage to persuade new followers to join the Windows camp. It’s taller, but thinner that the original Touch and HTC Touch 3G. Its overall look is really appealing, with slightly round shape and fascinating color. Moreover, the quality of workmanship is quite high (something characteristic of all HTC handsets), the phone definitely feels pleasing in your hand and you won´t even notice it´s in your pocket.

You can compare the HTC Touch2 with many other phone using our Size Visualization Tool.

Unfortunately, compact size always goes with relatively small displays. It´s not that 2.8 inches is bad really, but another 0.2 would have been fitting for a latest generation handset. That´s exactly what we think about the QVGA resolution of the screen – not bad, but a little bit higher would have been better. The manufacturer has sacrificed these two, of course, to cut down on costs and decrease the price of the phone. Fortunately, the overall sensitivity of the display is by no means worse than the high-end models of HTC and we didn’t have any troubles pressing even the smallest keys, something that is quite rare really, at least in the case of touch-screens utilizing resistive technology.

The hardware buttons
of the HTC Touch2 didn’t give us any troubles either. They are not raised, but are really easy to press. We do like the fact that the power on button is located on the end key, so we can lock the phone really fast if necessary. Similarly to the HTC Touch Diamond2, there is a touch-sensitive band below the display that helps you to zoom in and out on things smoothly.

The microSD slot is covered with a protective flap, but you need to unhitch the battery panel to remove it. The HTC Touch2 is charged via miniUSB port located on the bottom, while the 3.5mm jack is on the top. The phone is equipped with a stylus, although we didn’t need to use it often and it spent most of the time huddled up in its den on the lower right during our tests.

As a whole, the model remains true to the spirit of the original HTC Touch – attractive and compact handset that is extremely comfortable to use with one hand (something that we cannot say is the case with “monsters” like the Toshiba TG01 and Acer neoTouch S200).

HTC Touch2 360 Degrees View:

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