HP iPAQ 614 Review

Introduction and Design

The American corporation Hewlett-Packard is famous for producing personal and mobile computers, as well as all peripheral electronics. That’s not all though, because even mobile phones are included in their product line, mainly targeting business users. We have the opportunity to present to your attention, one of the latest models, the HP iPAQ 600 Series Business Navigator, and more precisely the European version - iPAQ 614. It is a multifunctional, candybar, Windows Mobile Professional device with a few options to control it. The device is capable of 3G world roaming, as it is quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA. Its specifications are really up to the standards and judging by them, the device is a quite interesting solution for the business community. The high-end Eten X800 and HTC TyTN II are the rivals of iPAQ 614.

In the box you can find:

  • HP iPAQ 614 Business Navigator + stylus
  • Lithium-Polymer 1590 mAh battery
  • AC Charger adapter
  • 1 mini-USB synchronization/charge cable
  • Wired stereo headphones
  • Getting Started Guide
  • HP iPAQ Companion CD
  • iPAQ Choice brochure/voucher

The iPAQ Choice brochure, which you will find in the set, has the role of a voucher. If you enter the number on its back, while registering on-line at www.ipaqchoice.com, you will receive 4 points, which you can use to purchase various accessories or software.


The iPAQ’s design is sophisticated and it carries the very idea of the phone – high functionality and comfort at work. The lack of edges (rounded) and the classic black color, which covers almost the entire phone, contribute for the pleasant appearance. Only the line encircling the phone is grey. Quality plastic has been used to manufacture the phone, which when touched feels as if rubber-coated.

It is quite big - 4.60 x 2.37 x 0.69 inches (117 x 60.3 x 17.5 mm) and 5.1 oz (145 g), but it’s not that bad when compared to the Eten X800 or the HTC TyTN II. The iPAQ still appears pretty thick if you look at its profile. Carrying the device in the pockets of your jeans is quite unpleasant and it would have been much more convenient if there were a belt case/clip included in the set. We think that this is a must have accessory for this type of phones and we recommend that you get one.

You can compare the HP iPAQ 614 to many other phones, using PhoneArena's Visual Size Compare tool.

Standard for a candybar device, on the front side, we have a 2.8” TFT display (240x320-pixels, 65k colors). The brightness and contrast of the screen are quite strong, but not enough to make the images depicted on it fully visible in a broad daylight. If they were the maximum possible, the device might still be usable in such conditions.

You will not find a video calling camera over it because there is no such present, which is strange. There we find the company logo, the speaker, and the two LEDs.

Below the screen, are located the two soft keys, shortcuts and the numeric keypad, which is as one. Although the keys of the latter have a lightly expressed relief, they are easy to operate and their design fits the overall vision of the phone. The power button, strangely located in the lower right part of the keypad and not on the side as in most PPC phones, is hard to use if you use the phone singlehandedly.

Navigation buttons are missing and they have been replaced by the „Smart Touch navigation wheel.” This method of work is quite convenient, especially if you operate the phone using one hand only, and you don’t even need to use the display. The new navigation feature is a touch sensitive circle, located in the middle of the numeric keypad. By sliding your finger over it in clockwise or counterclockwise direction, you can scroll through menus rather quickly. Another way to do that, is to place your finger on number 5 and move it in the direction desired (up/down/left right), but that is quite slow. It would have been nice if the inside part, for example, had the role of a confirmation button, but now you have to use the Enter on the side. If you don’t like this type of navigation or is bothering you, it can be turned off, by pressing and holding the OK button on the left for about 3 seconds. An icon on the display and a sound will be heard to confirm the action.

On the left side of the iPAQ 614, you will find the ОК and Voice command buttons, and between them a 3-way thumb wheel, which can also be used for navigation. When tilted up or down the latter can be used as a scroll wheel and as a confirmation key when pushed. In the lower left side is positioned the telescopic stylus and the strap hole, which you could use to attach a chain or a phone jewel. On the right side, we have the external antenna slot and the camera shortcut.

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Looking at the phone’s top, we note something strange. There is a silent mode button, similar to RIM BlackBerry devices. Unfortunately, all side buttons are small and do not have a well-expressed relief, which makes them hard to feel and press.

On the bottom of the phone, we see the reset button and the miniUSB slot, used for charging or connecting to a PC.

The camera, accompanied by the LED flash and the loudspeaker are located in the upper backside of the device. The battery lid takes up the rest of the back. Under the big battery are the SIM card and the microSD slot.

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