YouTube Music sleep timer to let you fall asleep to your fav jams

YouTube Music sleep timer to let you fall asleep to your fav jams
Smartphones nowadays are pretty amazing. We all know that they do more than phone calls, but one of the coolest things that some of the best smartphones can do is the ability to keep you connected to all of your favorite media.

And that links some of us to more than habit. You can’t really appreciate the power of being able to continuously play a sound, song or voice you like at will, until you are in the not so pleasant situation of needing more than silence in order to fall asleep.

Hence, sleep timers on media players are awesome! Not only because they remove the necessity before it becomes a distraction when you fall asleep, but also because even people who like falling asleep while listening to music or podcasts, can take advantage of.

YouTube Music is one of the big dogs in the music streaming services game. After the platform started offering podcasts, the developers added an aforementioned sleep timer, The issue, however, was that it was limited to when users were listening to podcasts only.

It took awhile, but now this feature is finally becoming available for all types of media on the platform through a new update to YouTube Music. The feature can be found on the Now Playing overflow menu, signified with an icon, depicting a Z and a crescent moon.

The Sleep Timer isn’t widely available as of now, as the YouTube Music team is still working on rolling out live lyrics and podcast support for everyone. However, if you notice an update to the app being installed, it's worth checking if you haven’t gotten the timer too.

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