You can now make a 3D Avatar in WhatsApp and customize it to your heart's content

You can now make a 3D Avatar in WhatsApp and customize it to your heart's content
Ah, avatars – the ever present and persistent manifestation of online users. Doesn’t it always feel special when you stumble upon an image, capable of expressing who you are? Well, with WhatsApp’s latest Avatar feature, you can do that any time you want.

When creating your self-image, the app pulls from a pool of billions of combinations, which means that you will be able to recreate your favorite version of yourself. If you are excited to see what you can create, here’s how to get things started:

  1. Check for any pending WhatsApp updates and install them
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone
  3. Head on over to Settings
  4. Tap on Avatar
  5. Select “Create your Avatar”
  6. Let your creativity loose!

Congratulations! You’ve made an avatar. But what can you do with it? Well, naturally – you can set it up as your profile picture. But you will find that you now also have access to 36 different stickers, all of which are based on your creation. Neat!

While this function is fun to use, and a nice way of switching things up from the typical selfie shot, it’s also a great way of improving privacy. Most people can easily recognize someone from a photo, but from a 3D model of the person? Rather unlikely, especially when stylized, as is the case with WhatsApp’s Avatars.

The company has made several hints that this feature is here to stay. In their blog post regarding the update, they’ve shared that the plan is to continue to increase the visual quality of the Avatars over time, via improving their textures and shaders.

Over on their FAQ page for the function, they’ve also hidden info on something else, which they are working on. In the future, users will be able to collaborate and create unique stickers, featuring multiple avatars.

Additionally, WABetaInfo had managed to unpack a version of WhatsApp back in June and found clues pointing towards Avatars being worked on as a sort of live-filter, which users could use during live calls on the app.

Advanced video-filters that apply 3D models over users are already a reality on platforms such as Instagram – which is also owned by Meta – so it doesn't seem like a stretch to imagine a future where you can enter a meeting as a 3D render of yourself.

Overall, neither the idea, nor the technology is entirely new. Apple and Samsung have had their versions of 3D avatars available for quite some time now, with Memojis even being able to mask you in a call. But arguably, WhatsApp’s reach as one of the most prominent communication apps on the market, may bring the concept closer to users.

Can’t wait to make an avatar? Then check if the feature is live in your region! It’s reportedly rolling out to users worldwide right now, so if you can’t find it in Settings yet, make sure to check for an update and install it.

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