The rumor mill blesses the Xiaomi 14T Pro with a telephoto camera and sends it off to war with 2024's flagships

The rumor mill blesses the Xiaomi 14T Pro with a telephoto camera and sends it off to war with 2024'
Xiaomi is about to spew out another phone, apparently – this time, it's the Xiaomi 14T Pro and the details are emerging. So far, so good! Let's check them out.

Last time we talked about the possible Xiaomi 14T Pro (which at the very beginning of 2024), not much was known about it:

  • It's expected to be almost identical to the Redmi K70 Ultra;
  • MediaTek Dimensity 9300 flagship-grade chip is said to be powering it;
  • In terms of display and design, users are to expect OLED display with thin bezels on all four sides

The newest batch of rumors confirms that and adds that the handset's codename is Rothko.

The Xiaomi 14T Pro will be a substantial upgrade over the K70 Ultra, however close they might appear to be. It’s believed the 14T Pro will offer wireless charging support and will spoil users with a telephoto camera. It's not known what sensor and lens this said zoom camera could utilize, but it could be a Leica-branded one. After all, Xiaomi collaborates with the legendary German photography brand.

It’s also worth noting that last year’s phones arrived with an IP68 rating, so we’re guessing it’ll be available on the new phones too.

Depending on the camera unit and the display, the Xiaomi 14T Pro could try to challenge some of 2024's flagships like the Galaxy S24 or the OnePlus 12, but that's not going to be an easy task in any case.

Also, the "vanilla" (non-Pro) Xiaomi 14T is expected alongside the Xiaomi 14T Pro. The 14T, codenamed Degas, is so far kept in secret, but it could probably pack the Dimensity 8300 chip, which is not as capable as the Dimensity 9300.

Both devices are tipped to see a global release, but let's wait for another confirmation about that, before the hyping begins.

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