Are you worried the Wuhan coronavirus is infecting your Galaxy S20 case shipments?

Are you worried the Wuhan coronavirus is infecting your Galaxy S20 case shipments?
With the World Health Organization declaring an emergency over the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic yesterday, and American Airlines pilots suing the company to stop flights in and out of China, one would think that phone accessories would be last on people's minds.

Not when it comes to the most anticipated Samsung phones in years, though. We've been waiting years with bated breath for Samsung to conquer the last bastions on its way to flagship excellence - battery and camera specs - and the giant leap in the naming scheme - from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20 - in the span of year, hints that it now will.

While the first S-line phone with 5000mAh battery, record high camera resolutions and "Space" 100x zoom is already on the horizon, our friends from Mobile Fun, one of the largest phone accessory marketplaces tipped us that the coronavirus may be infecting the Galaxy S20 series accessories.

They speak figuratively, of course, warning that the huge quarantined areas, and the current brouhaha around flights and deliveries from China, means that the deliveries of cases, covers and other accessories for the S20 models will be more problematic than usual.

Typically, MobileFun by now has official, as well as third-party cases and covers to preview and showcase in anticipation of new Galaxy or Note lines announcement. Now, however, they are still at the placeholder pic stage, and are warning that the typical delays experienced around the Chinese New Year celebrations are now significantly compounded by the pandemic scare. 

Thus, huge accessory production and shipment delays seem to be getting the norm, rather than the exception. MobileFun says that it, and other platforms like Amazon, have been getting emails from suppliers that they were supposed to "provide first shipments in the last week of February," but that has now been delayed with at least a week.

Given that Samsung plans to release the S20 series on March 6th, there might be a dearth of accessories around its launch which we hope won't impact the official ones that Samsung sells on its store, too. 

Long story short, there already аре a few wrappers available at MobileFun, Totallee, or other places that you can place an order for, and be prepared for the Great S20 Accessory Pandemic of 2020. This is why we wanted to ask you how worried are you that the new coronavirus outbreak is affecting the S20 accessory suppliers. As Leslie Knope likes to say in Parks & Rec: "extremely worried," "somewhat worried" or "not at all?"

Are you worried the Wuhan coronavirus is affecting your Galaxy S20 accessory shipments?


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