Would you buy an iPhone if it looked like a Samsung Galaxy?

Would you buy an iPhone if it looked like a Samsung Galaxy?
Scoffed at by many an Apple fan when it first appeared on the iPhone X, the notch gradually wiggled its way into their hearts over the course of the OLED iPhones' existence. We are now at a point when the display cutout serves as a visual exercise in branding success and is the street cred telltale sign you are using an iPhone.

Nevertheless, Apple managed to significantly shrink the notch on the iPhone 13 by moving the earpiece up top, but it is becoming increasingly likely that the company is also prepared to chuck it altogether next year. 

Reputable company analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have claimed it in memos to clients, and Korean industry sources say Samsung Display has already ordered the machines for it, so an iPhone with a punch-hole display seems like a done deal at this point. 

Apple has succeeded in miniaturizing the Face ID components, and reportedly most of them will be situated under the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max displays, while the handsets will have only one display hole for the selfie camera visible on immediate inspection. 

Samsung already employs a fully functioning UDC selfie snapper on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so tucking Face ID's infrared camera and flood illuminator components beneath a high refresh rate LTPO panel for the iPhone 14 Pro models shouldn't be much of a problem for its production prowess. Moreover, LG is also rumored to be working on a punch-hole iPhone display as an extra supplier, provided that it can pull it off with the quality and quantity that Apple demands.

While the move will drastically increase the screen-to-body ratio of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, turning the latter into the largest usable display panel on an iPhone ever, it will also nix the visual differentiation Apple's handsets had before the competition. This is why we wanted to ask you whether you'd still like and buy an iPhone if it looked like just another wave in the sea of punch-hole display Android phones.

Would you buy an iPhone if it looked like a Samsung Galaxy at the front?


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