LG Display reportedly developing a hole-punch screen for the iPhone 14 Pro

LG Display reportedly developing a hole-punch screen for the iPhone 14 Pro
According to the Korean site TheElec, LG Display has started developing “Under Display Camera” (UDC) technology for implementation in smartphones and tablets. We’ve already seen this technology in action in the ZTE Axon 30 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The under-display camera technology, or at least its iteration at the moment, relies on covering the hole, needed for the selfie camera, with another tiny display. Its resolution and pixel density are quite different from the main one, resulting in a patch that’s easily visible.

But let’s leave imperfections aside, at least for now. For a manufacturer to commit to under-display camera tech, it means that it first needs to develop a hole-punch display technology, and take it from there, covering the hole with another display (which may or may not be part of the main screen).

The aforementioned specific requirements have pushed LG Display to first concentrate on hole-punch screen design. According to the roadmap, cited by the Korean source, LG Display plans to increase the light transmittance of UDC to 20% by 2023 and 40% by 2024. In order for a UDC solution to work, it has to be low-pixel density (around 200PPI) to allow the light to pass through the display and enter the selfie camera underneath.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro might have a hole-punch display made by LG

Now, another report, coming from the Chinese media mydrivers, strangely falls in line with the information shared by the Korean sources. According to the site, Apple is trying to land a deal with LG and get hole-punch displays for the next-generation iPhone 14 Pro devices. The information is supposedly coming from supply chain sources in China, so take it with a grain of salt.

It’s clear though, that this rapid development that LG aims is perfect for Apple if the Cupertino company wants to cut off Samsung Display and source its perforated screens from another vendor. Buying displays from LG also means that Apple won’t pour money into the pocket of its main rival, and it’d be pretty safe from a market share point of view, especially after LG decided to call it quits and exit the smartphone market altogether.

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Here's a render that gives us a hint at how the next-generation iPhone could look like. It's of course an artist interpretation, so don't get too excited about it.

Our take

Are the days of the notch numbered? We can’t say for sure but with all the development going into offering that uninterrupted edge-to-edge screen experience, they might as well be. Apple reduced the size of the notch in the iPhone 13 family by around 20% but the company is still lagging behind its main competitor Samsung.

The Korean tech giant has been using the hole-punch design for several generations and is moving toward under-display camera solutions. The only way for Apple to stay competitive is either to develop its own under-display camera technology or buy a third-party option.

The real question is would LG hole-punch displays be any good, and how fast the company would be able to make them. According to the reports, the hole-punch solution should be ready by 2023, which might not cut it for the iPhone 14.

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