Working out – Google Fit app hits 100 million downloads on Android

Working out – Google Fit app hits 100 million downloads on Android
The last two years might have been the perfect time for working out at home, but also the worst time for getting in shape at the gym. Gyms have been reopening since earlier this year, but months of training at home might have encouraged the masses to stay healthy on their own merits instead.

Smartwatch and fitness band sales are through the roof, with some extremely affordable options like the Xiaomi Mi Band offering encouragement towards a healthier lifestyle to even the most budget-conscious among us.

And while a good chunk of the best smartwatches and the best fitness bands come from Chinese companies, thus requiring their users to download the Huawei Health app or the Xiaomi Mi Fit app, for example, big daddy Google is increasingly keeping up.

As noticed by WCCF Tech, the Google Fit app has now been downloaded more than a staggering 100 million times on Android. Huawei Health still appears to be on top, though, while Mi Fit is currently clocked at over 50 million downloads on Android. It's a similar situation on iPhone, where both of those health apps rank higher by popularity over Google Fit, but perhaps not for long.

Earlier this year Google Fit got the ability to measure heart and respiratory rate using only the user's phone, no smartwatch or fitness band even needed.

The app also has a lot going for it in terms of credibility. Aside from having a big name like Google behind it, Google Fit prides itself in its collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA). It can provide encouragement for users to reach WHO and AHA's recommended weekly amount of physical activity and claims that this will help reduce one's risk of heart disease, improve sleep quality and even mental health.

The recent collaboration between Google and Samsung that resulted in the new Galaxy Watch 4 running Google's Wear OS operating system will likely further help Google and its services reach even more people.
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