WhatsApp's unlimited Google Drive backups may be coming to an end

WhatsApp's unlimited Google Drive backups may be coming to an end
So far, WhatsApp has been offering unlimited storage on Google Drive for WhatsApp backups. The company offers backup options to iCloud as well (for iPhone users), there, it has been limited to whatever storage tier the iPhone user has. Now, something similar might be happening for Android users.

Unlimited Google Drive backups for WhatsApp option may be gone soon

Android Authority reports that the popular chat app seems to be planning a change regarding backups on Android phones. Lines in the code of the app point to the fact that WhatsApp may be losing its unlimited Google Drive storage option for backups. This news comes after the info that WhatsApp could be letting you manage the size of your backup in the near future.

The code was first discovered by WABetaInfo, and it is a hidden code that references Google Drive limits.

Keep in mind that the date on which this will happen is still unknown, so for now, you can still benefit from unlimited storage on Google Drive. The thing is that the arrangement with Google allowed WhatsApp backups to now count against the users' Google Drive storage.

However, WhatsApp seems to be planning to include a storage limit, but the exact limits the app will impose are not yet clear. Hopefully, the backup storage for WhatsApp won't count towards the 15GB limit for the free tier (but this is, at this point in time, unconfirmed).

This information comes after WABetaInfo discovered an upcoming WhatsApp feature that will allow you to manage your WhatsApp backup size on Android. This feature will allow you to customize what items get backed up, and exclude certain types of files from the backup. Files you might be able to exclude are photos, documents, and videos.

Judging by that, it seems WhatsApp is really in the works of imposing backup limitations for Android users of the app. With the ability to manage your Google Drive backup, WhatsApp will be giving you options to save some storage space (if your chat backups are getting too big).

All that being said, WhatsApp ditching unlimited Google Drive storage shouldn't come as a surprise, after the fact that Google abandoned unlimited Google Photos backups last year. It seems the Mountain View tech giant is pushing for paid storage plans, and this seems to be reflected in the WhatsApp backup limitations that are currently in the works as well.

WhatsApp is working on a feature for managing backup sizes on Android

A few months ago, WABetaInfo showcased the feature (currently under development) that will enable you to have tighter control on what gets backed up to Google Drive from the app itself.

As you can see in the image below, the app will be offering ways for you to modify what gets backed up to Google Drive and what to exclude (probably in order to save space from your Google Drive storage).

The feature seen above could be included in a future update of WhatsApp, and it definitely should if WhatsApp will be limiting the backup storage. Both of these two features don't have an official release date yet, but we'll make sure to inform you if they go official.

For now, as we mentioned above, WhatsApp backups still don't count against your Google Drive storage quota because of an agreement between WhatsApp and Google.

Other recent WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has been getting loads of updates and planning lots of new features for its interface and users. Recently, we reported on the fact iPad users might finally be getting a WhatsApp app designed specifically for the iPad. Another useful feature that might be coming soon will be the ability to easily transfer chats from Android to iOS.

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