WhatsApp working on "delete for everyone" feature with no time limit

WhatsApp working on "delete for everyone" feature with no time limit
Have you ever found yourself wondering if you could delete a message on WhatsApp a day later? Well, if you have, you know that currently, this isn't possible as the popular chat service has a limit for deleting messages for everyone, and it is just 68 minutes. However, this might be changing, reports 91Mobiles. It seems the popular messaging platform is working to get rid of the time limit for deleting messages.

WhatsApp: delete for everyone feature may not have a time limit

WABetaInfo has first noticed the feature that the company is working on. The new feature is not yet available for the public, as it is still under development.

The feature "Delete for everyone" was first introduced on WhatsApp 4 years ago. Initially, it had a limit of just 7 minutes, and once this limit was surpassed, you could no longer delete the message for everyone. Later on, WhatsApp worked to extend the limit and it is now 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds (precisely 4096 seconds after the message has been sent).

However, WhatsApp is working to extend even further this time limit, and according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on a new version of "delete for everyone". The exact time limit has not been yet disclosed, but WABetaInfo was able to delete a message sent three months ago, so clearly the limit allows for way more time to change your mind about a sent message than what you currently have.

This new feature will allow deleting any message for everyone without considering when it was sent; however, given the fact that this is an unconfirmed feature under development, changes in the way it works are possible and nothing is confirmed. At the moment, it's not available even for beta testers yet, so in the end, things might end up looking completely different.

Additionally, it isn't clear whether messages sent before the new "Delete for everyone" feature was activated would be deletable. There is no timeframe of when this extended limit will be officially available for the public, but before that, it has to be made available for WhatsApp beta testers, so there's still some time before everyone can get to use it.

Recently, WhatsApp has been getting lots of useful features, testing a lot of improvements, and working hard on making a pleasant user experience. This new feature will also be something many people will be happy to receive, that is if WhatsApp doesn't decide to drop it.

Other WhatsApp features that may be coming soon

Recently, members of WhatsApp's beta testing program (which is now, unfortunately, closed for new members at the moment) have gotten a new picture-in-picture interface on both Android and iOS. The new window has a convenient control bar.

Another useful feature the company is currently working on (however, the feature is not yet present in a beta version of the app) is the ability to pause and start recording voice messages. The new feature will allow you to stop recording a voice message at any time, and then, resume when you are ready. Currently, the voice recording feature only allows you to play back the message before you send it.

This feature has not yet rolled out to any users or WhatsApp beta testers, but it will most likely arrive to both Android and iOS users sometime in the future. Another improvement related to a voice recording that's also currently in the works is the ability for users to keep listening to a long audio message even after they leave the conversation. This will give WhatsApp users more possibilities for multitasking.

Apart from that, WhatsApp has also been working on a Community feature and end-to-end encrypted backups.
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