Vote now: What's the main reason to get a foldable phone?

Vote now: What’s the main reason to get a foldable phone?
Look at us chewing again on the foldable topic! But like it or not, judging by all the announcements of late, foldable phones are here to stay. We thought it was just a fluke, a gimmick to show a technology that was supposed to stay in the labs. How the tables have turned!

Putting aside all the drama, let’s try to put these flexible screen phones on the scale of Ma’at and see if they weigh more than the feather of truth. First, these devices are still considered fringe technology by many people, and there’s a certain status attached to them.

Even though the Galaxy Z Flip made foldable phones also affordable (what a tongue twister), owning a foldable makes you an early adopter (oh, come on, it’s been years!). But yeah, if you want to brag in front of your friends about your level of tech savviness, that’s one way to do it.

Foldable phones could be practical as well - no matter how heavy or cumbersome they might be. For me, the square shape of a folded flip phone doesn’t work, and the big tablet-like foldables are just too heavy and bulky. But some people find them just fine, and the sales speak volumes.

So, today we’re asking you what’s the main reason to go and hop on the foldable train. Is it vanity? Status? Pure efficiency and work-related performance benefits? Vote in our poll and share your opinion in the comments section below.

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