The latest watchOS update is making many Apple Watch users see green all of a sudden

The latest watchOS update is making many Apple Watch users see green all of a sudden
They say a misfortune never comes alone, and after an issue with the latest iOS and iPadOS updates, Apple appears to be dealing with another bug caused by one of last week's software releases. 

We're talking about a watchOS 9.5 malfunction that has yet to be acknowledged as such by the world's largest smartwatch manufacturer, but that knowing Apple is only a matter of time until it will get resolved.

While waiting for that to happen, owners of the Apple Watch Series 8 and older members of the same wearable device family experiencing weird discoloration on their displays after updating to the newest OS version may want to know they're far from alone in their observations.

For the most part, users complaining of this newly surfaced issue on Reddit and other places on the internet are reporting green tint sightings in the notification center, control center, and on the lock screen, but depending on your (bad) luck, you might notice this sudden change of color in other menus, UI elements, and apps.

The bug is a lot easier to notice on some impacted devices than others, while many users with the watchOS 9.5 update installed don't seem to be affected by the mysterious issue in any way. Some users are seeing their wearable screens display various shades of grey rather than green, and last but not least, there are no known reports of this discoloration happening on Apple Watch Ultra units.

For some reason, even the Apple Watch SE and SE 2 seem largely unaffected by the green (or grey) tint bug, but whatever Cupertino-made timepiece you're currently using, you might want to hold off on the WatchOS 9.5 update if you've been inspired enough not to install it right off the bat. 

If history is any indication, a patch of some sort is likely to arrive before long as part of a 9.6 software rollout.

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