Any Twitter user will now be able to host a Twitter Space with new update

Any Twitter user will now be able to host a Twitter Space
Twitter Spaces is a feature that was launched at the beginning of the year, in an attempt to compete with Clubhouse. Now, the social media platform is further expanding the feature, allowing everyone on iOS and Android to host a Twitter Space, reports 9to5Mac.

Everyone can now host a Twitter Space on Android and iOS

The option to host a Space is now rolling out to everyone on iOS and Android, as was announced in a Twitter Support tweet, while previously, only people with more than 600 followers could host a live audio session.

With this new update, everyone with a Twitter account can start and host a Twitter Space. Previously, Twitter has been working on improving this functionality, and for example, it now lets you invite up to two co-hosts and ten people that could be able to speak, while everybody else can join to listen.

Additionally, it's also possible to show tweets on the Space, so that speakers can provide more context to a subject. On the other hand, listeners can react to a conversation publicly with emojis, or even read the Space's conversation instead of listening by turning on the captions feature.

Additionally, a live audio session can also be named and scheduled for an English audience, as well as you can select topics that will be talked about during the session.

To further expand the usage of Twitter Spaces, the social media company has started a three-month initiative that will discover and reward great Spaces with financial, technical, and marketing support. This means that if you have an interesting Twitter Space or a creative idea for a conversation and you get accepted into the program, Twitter will support you to host your Space twice each week for the course of three months.

Twitter has been working on many new features and improvements recently

Twitter has been investing a lot of time in developing new features to make its social media platform deliver a better overall experience to its users.

For example, recently we reported on a new warning feature that is in the works, and it will give you a notification if a conversation on Twitter is getting intense. In order to make the social media platform a good place for healthy conversations, the app would be able to give you a warning when a conversation is heated or intense and remind you to be respectful to others before you are allowed to join in a conversation.

Another feature that Twitter is considering for implementation is the ability to edit follower lists, so you can have more control over who are the people following you. This way you can be in charge of your follower list more easily, instead of just having to go out of your way to block someone who is causing you trouble on the social platform.

Svetlana Pimkina, who's a staff researcher at Twitter, stated that because the social privacy needs of users are not met, this leads to people limiting their self-expression and engaging less on the social media platform. This could also be due to the fact that Twitter users don't understand whether their account is publicly visible or not, and Twitter has started to prompt people to review their account status (public account or private account).

On top of that, Twitter has now launched Safe Mode (still to a small group of users though), which will automatically block accounts that are being potentially abusive to you or are using harmful language. Earlier, Twitter has also started working on a possibility to edit who can reply to your tweet once it is live.

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