Tipster shares tidbits about the Apple Watch Series 8

Tipster shares tidbits about the Apple Watch Series 8
Tipster ShrimpApplePro (@VNchocoTaco) has disseminated a tweet with what he calls "tidbits" about the Apple Watch Series 8 which is expected to be unveiled with two other variants on September 7th. The tipster either made a typo or revealed the size of the Apple Watch Pro case when he said that the case sizes are still 41mm-55mm. Actually, the cases for the Apple Watch Series 7 were 41mm and 45mm.

However, before we charge ShrimpApplePro with an unforced error, he might have been referring to the debut of the Apple Watch Pro. This is the so-called "rugged" and "sporty" variant of the timepiece that is expected to cost the same as the iPhone 13 Pro ($999). This model is expected to feature a 2-inch display, the largest ever to grace Apple's timepiece. It also could sport a 410 x 502 resolution with more screen real estate to show additional fitness data and more.

Actually, the tipster does admit to making a mistake as he meant to type 41mm and 45mm. His comment when the gaffe was pointed out was "Oh shit didn’t see that yes." That's okay because at least he admitted to the mistake.

But we digress. The rest of ShrimpApple Pro's tweet mentions a new shade of red for the PRODUCT (RED) model. The tipster also says that Apple has added more glue underneath the pull tabs on the Apple iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 boxes so when opening the boxes, they will show traces of glue. It might be handy to know if someone has had access to your freshly purchased device.

ShrimpApplePro's source tells him that the Apple Watch Series 8 looks exactly like the Series 7. We do expect a thermometer to be added to the usual health-related features. And for those looking to save some money, we should see a new version of the Apple Watch SE make an appearance one week from today.

Can you feel the excitement building? In just one week, Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone 14 line and three new Apple Watch models. New iPads will be announced in October with the AR/VR Mixed Reality headset tipped for a January introduction.

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