The new Pixel 7 series can fix your old blurred photos

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The new Pixel 7 series can fix your old blurred photos
Do you have blurred photos in your library? Well, with the latest Pixel 7 phones, you can now remove that annoying blur and, as Google stated, "relive the moment as clearly as you remember it."

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Thanks to the all-new Tensor G2 chipset that beats under the hood of the new Pixels and its machine learning capabilities, users with a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro can now remove blur and visual noise from their old pictures with "just a few taps" using the Google Photos app. Furthermore, as Google stated, you can also use Magic Eraser to "remove distractions."

However, although the Tensor G2 now enables you to fix your photos, it will be even better if your pictures don't get blurred in the first place. And it looks like with its new silicon and new Pixel handsets, Google has lowered the chances of your photos getting blurred.

Google’s Pixel’s already did that, especially around faces, but by using machine learning de-noiser the Tensor G2 sharpens the picture and makes Pixel’s Night Sight feature faster, thus neutralizing the blurry effect that could appear when taking a shot in low-light conditions. This way, the new Pixel 7 series produces beautiful low-light photos with "the same amount of clarity." And to lower the chances of you getting a blurred picture even more, the Pixel 7 automatically fuses images from the Ultrawide and Main cameras.


Google's new phones are already available for pre-order. The Pixel 7 will cost you $599, and the Pixel 7 Pro — $899. Both phones will hit the shelves next week.

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