T-Mobile might try to disrupt yet another industry with its next Un-carrier move

T-Mobile might try to disrupt yet another industry with its next Un-carrier move
Even though T-Mobile remains extremely well-positioned to dominate the fledgling US 5G wireless industry for many years to come (possibly, forever), according to pretty much every respected analyst in the country, the "Un-carrier" was somewhat overshadowed by Verizon's bombastic nationwide 5G launch on the day of Apple's big iPhone 12 family announcement.

But the nation's second-largest mobile network operator by subscriber numbers (as of a couple of months ago) plans to step back into the limelight as early as next week. That's right, it's (almost) time for yet another potentially disrupting Un-carrier move, coming just three months or so after the somewhat underwhelming Scam Shield virtual announcement featuring multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor Anthony Anderson.

This time around, T-Mo appears to have recruited Emmy-nominated actress Rashida Jones to help build buzz for a special webcast scheduled for 8:30 am PT (11:30 am ET) next Tuesday, October 27, although it's unclear if the star of the hit TV show "Parks and Recreation" and the critically acclaimed movie "On the Rocks" will actually host the event as Anderson did back in July.

Either way, Jones is unsubtly but humorously teasing an Un-carrier move somehow connected to the frustrating and unexpected fees that often show up on our monthly bills. But because T-Mobile has long removed the hidden fees from its cell phone plans, we're pretty sure this October 27 announcement will be about something else entirely.

While we obviously can't be 100 percent certain just yet based on the terribly vague information disclosed by Magenta, CEO Mike Sievert could be cryptically suggesting "it's time" to expand TVision nationwide. T-Mobile's home TV service is currently available exclusively in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. metro areas, as well as Longmont, Colorado for a starting price of $90 a month.

That includes access to more than 150 channels, 35,000+ On Demand titles, 400 hours of DVR in HD, as well as 4K support and 4K installation at no extra cost and no regional sports, activation, or early termination fees early adopters need to worry about.

As you can imagine, the "Un-carrier's" goal is to challenge the nation's cable giants, and although that may sound like a daunting task at the moment, it wasn't exactly easy for the Deutsche Telekom-owned company to get into its current position in the US wireless landscape either. How about it, Magenta fans, are you ready to "get the TV you deserve" and "leave satellite for good"? 

If you're at least intrigued by the prospect of a relatively affordable nationwide pay TV service offered by your favorite mobile carrier, be sure to check out Tuesday's event webcast right here.

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