T-Mobile removes the Galaxy S20 trio from store, leaves you with only one choice

T-Mobile removes the Galaxy S20 trio from store, leaves you with only one choice
As we were looking through retailer and carrier websites, looking to update our Best Galaxy S20 deals article, we found something quite curious. T-Mobile is not only lacking deals for the three Galaxy S20 phones, but the phones are completely missing from the carrier's website.

Now, many places are running low on stock, or have already run out completely of Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra, but the pages are still up saying there's no units available at the moment. That's not the case with T-Mobile, however. Searching for "Galaxy S20" on the Uncarrier's website will bring up three results: the Galaxy S20 FE and the two Galaxy Note 20 phones.

It seems that T-Mobile is the first carrier to sunset the Galaxy S20 trio. Those of you familiar with the Samsung smartphone release calendar will be quick to point out that the new Galaxy S21 phones are about 2 months away, so why bother stocking up on S20s anyway?

Still, the move seems unusual as carriers would often sell older generations long after the new one comes out. But apparently, that won't be the case with the Galaxy S20 series, or at least not as far as T-Mobile is concerned. Of course, the pages for the three phones can reappear as easily as they've disappeared, but it seems unlikely.

The remaining Galaxy S20 FE is a worthy alternative, however. With its much lower price and high-end specs, it's the preferred choice of many anyway. And if you're looking for something truly high-end, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still available.


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