T-Mobile has a great deal for prepaid customers interested in two unlimited lines

T-Mobile has a great deal for prepaid customers interested in two unlimited lines
T-Mobile might occasionally seem like an all-talk-and-no-action type of carrier, but when taking a break from savagely mocking its rivals, Magenta has a habit of offering the best freebies as part of its weekly customer appreciation program, as well as great phones at unbeatable prices, and of course, great plans at unbeatable prices.

For a limited time, you can "go unlimited" for only $65 a month for two lines of T-Mobile prepaid service, which totally obliterates the competition without requiring a lot of jumping through hoops. All you have to do is visit a "participating" brick and mortar store to activate said heavily discounted lines including "endless talk, text, and high-speed data."

In case you're wondering, a T-Mobile One Prepaid plan normally starts at $70 a month for a single line, although that's not technically what you're looking at here. Instead, this is the Simply Prepaid Unlimited option that starts at $50, typically requiring an extra 30 bucks for each additional line. By paying $65, you'll thus save $15 compared to the standard monthly rates, which is not exactly earth-shattering but it's pretty cool for an already affordable plan with almost every possible perk and feature included.

The catch is T-Mo's Simply Prepaid plans come with no international data or features. Otherwise, you can do it all. Download and upload stuff at amazing speeds, stream video at up to 1.5Mbps, and even tether at 3G rates. Just keep in mind your data will be deprioritized "during congestion" if you exceed a monthly allotment of 50GB. 

Unfortunately, there's no expiration date listed on the "Un-carrier's" website for this very enticing in-store-only promotion, so it's probably a good idea to pull the trigger before it's too late. And yes, believe it or not, this is an even better deal than Metro's best offer right now... as long as you don't mind that international restriction. 



1. mr2trce

Posts: 56; Member since: Apr 27, 2015

Wow!! I'm paying $70 a month for unlimited with t mobile currently for just myself and I just finished paying off my Note 8. So basically, I can add another line and save 5 bucks if I'm reading it correctly

2. marc64

Posts: 2; Member since: Sep 20, 2019

No sir, you'll be saving more than that if you go half with whomever gets the other line.

3. Keepalowprofile

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 20, 2019

This is a horrible plan. We fell for all their lies and gimmicks. 2 years later, I'm finally happy. I bought a straight talk phone at Walmart and a $55 card. Just so everyone understands, what tmobile tells you to your face is #1 you will get great reception in your area. #2they will tell you over and over its unlimited and you'll be able to watch movies, news, YouTube etc. #3 what they dont tell you is it's running at 3g. #4 then they will tell you need a booster box in your area which will not change the fact that you will still be running 3g. After 2 weeks, and you are locked in and cant return your phones, they will then act like you should have been born knowing this special rate is only 3g. Then they will tell you can get a free tablet and it will only be $20 per month. In fact its $45 a month. And it's not really unlimited. Once you watch 3 to 4 movies, you've used up what you are allowed. They slow you down and its impossible to watch a movie or do anything with the tablet. Do your due diligence before you fall for this.

5. marc64

Posts: 2; Member since: Sep 20, 2019

Sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory. I've been a customer of tmobile for over 12 years and i really don't have anything bad to say. I just have one comment towards your thoughts on Unlimited data. I think everyone by now knows what unlimited data means. It means, your data is going to run at regular speed until you've reached your cap, which for me is 24gig a month. You'll still be getting data (where unlimited comes in) but your data will be slow as you stated in your comment. Cable company does the same thing but their data cap is 1 terabyte for most companies.

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