T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ customers can now get three lines of service for $90

T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ customers can now get three lines of service for $90
While waiting for a cool new Global Plus add-on to come into effect, T-Mobile customers uninterested in the “Un-carrier’s” latest prepaid deal can get another tempting “exclusive offer” with their Unlimited 55+ plans.

Of course, not everyone is eligible for T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ service, and the add-a-line promo discovered and detailed by TmoNews is only valid for those who activated this option prior to November 2.

Starting earlier this week, T-Mo customers ages 55 and older can get a third voice line on their special senior accounts, up from a previous limit of two. You’ll still have to pay for that, of course, but we’re merely talking $20 a month on top of the $70 fee charged for a pair of Unlimited 55+ lines.

Probably the best thing about this plan is that proof of age is only required from the primary account holder. The other two lines can be used by people of all ages, so essentially, what you get here is an extremely affordable family plan with a not-so-tricky special requirement.

For just $90 all in all, you’re looking at a grand total of three unlimited everything lines. That’s unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for everyone, not to mention taxes and fees included, and dozens of other freebies around the year smoking the competition.

The usual restrictions apply, of course, with video streaming capped at “DVD quality” (480p resolution), tethering limited to 3G, and reduced data speeds all around “during congestion” for the “small fraction of customers” using more than 50 gigs a month.



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Ooh, going to tell my mom about this.


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Dear T-Mobile - Why have you started charging for Unlimited Talk when people call into Talk Shoe or Free Conference??? T-Mobile and MetroPCS have recently changed their nation-wide calling plans, and have started charging their customer 1¢ / minute (1 cent per minute) to dial most teleconferencing services such as TalkShoe. According to their FAQ page: “Calls to chat lines, radio broadcast lines, and similar services aren't included in your plan. T-Mobile charges $.01 per minute for calls to these numbers.” We apologize for any interruption to your service. However, this issue is NOT originating from our end, and we certainly would have no reason to restrict users' access to our service. We strongly recommend that anyone experiencing these issues open a trouble ticket with their long-distance provider.

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