Spotify might be the reason your iPhone’s battery is dying so quickly

Spotify might be the reason your iPhone’s battery is dying so quickly
If you are daily driving an iPhone that is running iOS 14.8 or iOS 15 and are a regular Spotify user, there is some bad and good news.

The bad news is that Spotify has admitted it is aware of a bug in the app that causes excessive battery drain and could even cause the phone to overheat. Reports of the issue mainly come from users with iOS 14.8 or iOS 15 installed. The good news is that Spotify is actively looking into this issue.

Many of the reports coming from the iPhone owners state that Spotify seems to be draining the battery due to some kind of background activity, however, the reasoning behind it is not specified.

Apart from the iOS 14.8 and iOS 15 victims of this battery-killing bug, there are also some users running older versions of iOS reporting they also have the issue.

Community managers in the Spotify community center have advised trying restarting the app or performing a clean reinstall. If that doesn’t work, they also say you can try to disable Background App Refresh by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

It wouldn’t be too hard to point some of the blame to Apple here, given how rough the iOS 15 release was. Some examples would be 5G issues on the iPhone 13 series, the mute switch being “too good” at its job breaking controls, on the Airpods Pro, and more.

Unfortunately, there is no word from Spotify on when a fix could be expected or even whether the problem is coming from the app or not. If the aforementioned solutions do not work for you, Spotify suggests that you keep your iPhone iOS version up to date, as well as that of the app.

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