South Korea is really loving the Galaxy S23 series according to these sales numbers!

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South Korea is really loving the Galaxy S23 series according to these sales numbers!
The Galaxy S23 series is shaping up to be one of the best Samsung phones to be released in the last few years, especially when it comes to the more expensive S23 Ultra. This year's flagship phones from Sammy are a more significant jump from previous iterations, which is probably why it is one of the best-selling phones the company has ever sold.

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Yep, it appears the tech giant from South Korea stepped up its game this year, a fact that is further solidified by an increase of more than 7% in terms of units pre-ordered in its own home country. A total of 1.09 million units pre-ordered, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra taking up a massive 60% of that number, the regular Galaxy S23 amounting to 24%, and the Galaxy S23+ taking up last place with 15%. In comparison, the Galaxy S22 series reached about 1,017,000 pre-orders for the whole period between February 14th and 21st 2022. (via SamNews24)

These percentages show us that, despite being the priciest out of the trio, the S23 Ultra is the most sought-after option. That is likely not a coincidence, though, as Samsung has increasingly separated its super high-end flagship phone from the rest of the lineup throughout the last few years, consequently making it more alluring and appealing to the customer. Of course, it is not the only company that has adopted this approach — almost every manufacturer is doing something similar at this point.

Sales for the S23 series were also up in India, where the company saw 140,000 units pre-ordered only in the first 24 hours after being made available. The reigning champion in the pre-order category, however, remains the Galaxy Note 10 which had a total of 1.38 million pre-ordered units — a fan-favorite Galaxy phone, even to this day.

Offering some interesting context and food for thought here are the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, which saw roughly 970,000 pre-orders. Now, this might not be as much as the company's flagships, but it is still quite impressive considering the foldable form factor.

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