Some Pixel 9 Google AI features leak: Add me, Studio, Pixel Screenshots

Some Pixel 9 Google AI features leak: add me, studio, Pixel Screenshots
Generative AI is everywhere these days. Google's upcoming flagship series, the Pixel 9, is also expected to come with a plethora of AI functions. A new leak now suggests that those functions will be grouped into "Google AI" for the Pixel 9.

Back in late 2023, a leak hinted that Google was working on an AI assistant for the Pixels that uses Gemini and would be called "Pixie". According to reports, it would use Gmail, Maps, and data from other Google products on your phone to create a personalized version of the Google Assistant.

Now, the folks at Android Authority are giving us a glimpse of what we might expect from Google's continuous AI efforts. First of all, we have the name "Google AI", and also a feature similar to Microsoft's Recall (more on that, below).

Google AI will reportedly have a feature called "Add me", which is a camera feature. It is said to make sure everyone is included in a group photo, and it could be an add-on or expansion of the "Best Take" function on the Pixel 8.

Google AI is also said to feature "Studio", which is a new name for the "Creative Assistant" app that has been delayed previously. The screenshot that accompanies this shows that you can "imagine it" and "Pixel creates it". That's pretty cool, in my opinion, and hopefully, it won't generate six fingers on a person's hand instead of five (which is sadly often my experience with Microsoft's Copilot image generations...)

And last but not least, we have "Pixel Screenshots". This will let AI search screenshots and use them as an extended library for information and context. You'd also reportedly get to enjoy summaries of screenshots, and getting answers from the AI on questions about info in said screenshots. Also a feature I'd love to have on my iPhone...

This feature, as mentioned earlier, seems to be similar to Microsoft's Recall in Windows 11. However, it will be an opt-in AI feature, and it will apply only to screenshots that you have taken directly. All will reportedly be processed on-device, so it should be more secure than Recall.

Google AI will most likely be unveiled soon, alongside the Pixel 9. The rumored launch date is set for August 13.

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