Chat app Signal gets a donation system you can use to easily support it

Chat app Signal gets a donation system you can use to support it
Privacy-focused chat app Signal is now getting a new way users can help support it, and it is a Sustainer program for donations, reports XDA-Developers. You will now be able, if you wish, to choose how to support Signal's developers via donations.

Signal Sustainer program makes it easier to help support the privacy and security-focused app

Signal's popularity rose quickly back at the beginning of this year when WhatsApp had a controversial policy change that had many people switch to a more private instant messaging platform. Now, the app is getting a new feature for monetization.

Unlike its rival instant messaging apps, Signal relies entirely on donations from its users. It does not sell data to advertisers, and it does not even have data that it could sell to advertisers. With the new Sustainer program, users who are willing to support the app can do so easily with monetary contributions.

Now, users can become a Signal Sustainer by contributing a small amount on a monthly basis, or making on and off contributions to support the app. Currently, there are three sustainer levels you can choose from: $5, $10, and $20. What's cool is that this subscription will only renew if you access the app over the course of the month.

If for some reason you uninstall it or stop using it, Signal will automatically cancel your subscription after the next cycle. Not many subscriptions (if any at all) run this way. Signal has made this so it can eliminate the "dark pattern" of subscriptions you've forgotten about, but keep charging you.

If you want to make a donation, you can do so using Apple Pay and Google Pay, and the company is currently working on adding more payment methods in the future. When you donate, you will get a badge that you can display on your profile. Additionally, this entire process has been designed to preserve your privacy, and Signal doesn't associate your payment information with your Signal account.

The payment system uses the anonymous credential scheme Signal introduces with its private groups. The payments are processed in a way that the server can authenticate the client is in the set of people who made a donation, but it doesn't specifically know which payment the user made.

This feature is now rolling out with the latest Signal update on both Android and iOS.

Signal's popularity skyrocketed after the WhatsApp privacy scandal

Back in January of this year, there was a curious situation going on with WhatsApp and a set of new privacy policy changes, that had many people jump ship. WhatsApp had a policy that implied users will need to share data with businesses. Although WhatsApp later clarified that this policy applies only when chatting with a Business WhatsApp account, the damage was already done.

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Hundreds and thousands of WhatsApp users started abandoning the Facebook (now Meta)-owned instant messaging app and turned to privacy-focused app Signal, or its alternative, Telegram, for a chat app that preserves their privacy and is secure. As a consequence, there were several days when Signal's servers were down due to the big number of users who suddenly started joining the service.

Of course, its developers worked to quickly get Signal back online, and when the initial shock wave subsided, the app was back in the game. And additionally, it started getting many useful and new features, while still maintaining its primary focus on privacy.

The chat app currently has all the features necessary for a good messaging app, including groups, message reactions, chat wallpapers, an about section in your Signal profile, and animated stickers, among other fun features.

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