Samsung Galaxy S23 series could include this more accurate facial recognition system

Samsung Galaxy S23 series could include this more accurate facial recognition system
Samsung filed a patent application with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) back in March of 2021. Last week, the application was made public by GalaxyClub allowing us to take a look at what Samsung is up to when it comes to facial recognition for a future Galaxy S or Galaxy Z phone. The patent application discusses the use of two cameras placed under the display to create a better 3D model of the user's face.

The goal with secure facial recognition is to create a depth map of the user's face. This prevents a bad actor from using a photograph of the user to trick the system into unlocking the device. A photograph is flat and is 2D. This won't allow a 3D facial recognition system to unlock a device. The patent states that with the use of two under-display cameras, the facial depth map can be made from two different angles which, in theory, would allow the phone to create a more accurate 3D depth map. This could make facial recognition even more secure.

The patent shows that the two under-display cameras would be placed as far apart from each other as possible. A drawing of this system shows that one camera would be placed under the display near the bottom of the screen while the other camera would be placed under the display near the top of the screen. Additionally, the drawings also show that the user's pupil size could also be measured as a way to determine the lighting conditions when the depth map is created. This could provide an additional layer of security against the use of masks and photographs to trick the facial recognition system into unlocking the device.

As with every patent and patent application, there is no guarantee that this biometric facial recognition system will ever be implemented by Samsung. But the documentation does show that this is something that Samsung has been working on for some time. It might be possible for the company to implement this in the upcoming Galaxy S23 line. Just yesterday, we told you that the Galaxy S23 Ultra had been spotted getting its 3C Certification revealing that the phone is being tested with Sammy's own 25W charging adapter.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to sport a 200MP camera sensor made exclusively for the Ultra. It also will feature the M12 OLED display made by Samsung and currently used on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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