Samsung may borrow the final S22 Ultra camera design straight from LG

Samsung may borrow the S22 Ultra camera design straight from LG
Rather surprising for this point in the leak game, the final Galaxy S22 Ultra design is still a matter of debate. Will the rear cameras elevate a P-shape island where we have three lenses on one side and two on the other, or will we have an S22 Ultra camera island in an 11-shape with two separate landing strips for each vertical set?

Well, neither, according to the folks over at LetsGoDigital, whose Super Roader insider sources tip that Samsung will go with something similar to the raindrop design we know and love from LG's last major phone, the Verizon's LG Velvet

Below is the Korean source's video that explains the metamorphosis when you run the autotranslate option from Korean. He's pretty certain this will be the final design, and Samsung isn't making any more changes to the Ultra's rear panel looks.

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Last we heard, Samsung had reportedly decided on the P-shape camera, but this new report throws another portion of cold water on the previous rumor. Apparently, there will be no camera island in the traditional sense on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, or whatever Samsung names it, at all.

Instead, the sensor and lens combos for the main 108MP camera, the 12MP ultrawide, telephoto and periscope zoom cameras, will be nestled each in its separate silo, with just the lens ring slightly jutting out of the rear surface.

Here are the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept images created by Technizo Concept (Parvez Khan) that depict LetsGoDigital's speculation about the new raindrop camera design of Samsung's next flagship phone. Well, not exactly raindrop, as the lenses aren't arranged in a decreasing order by size, but certainly an intriguing design nonetheless. What do you think?

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