These are Samsung's new camera-related accessories for the Galaxy S23 series

These are Samsung's new camera-related accessories for the Galaxy S23 series
Most flagship phones available on the market right now are more than capable to use as personal cameras, or even professionally. The Galaxy S23 series, which is one of the best Android phones at the moment, comes with a powerful camera system, especially when the S23 Ultra.

If you already own the Gadget Case for your S23, then you might be interested to find out about Samsung's newly released accessories for it — the Slim Tripod Stand and a Camera Grip, both of which can be attached and detached from the case.

The tripod stand comes in a very slim form factor. While it is folded it takes very little space and can be used as a one-hand grip while you are shooting a hand-held vlog, for example. It seems to be made out of metal and looks rather sturdy for what it is when it's unfolded. Additionally, the phone can be turned from a vertical to a horizontal orientation when attached to the small tripod.

The other accessory is a motorized device that can function either as a camera grip or as a tiny stand. It comes with a Bluetooth remote that lets you activate the shutter from a distance and change the tilt of the stand. This one would be great if you want to catch more in the frame while shooting a video or photo of yourself.

As spotted by the folks at AndroidAuthority, the Slim Tripod Stand is already up for sale on Samsung's UK website for £34, which is roughly $41 (the price might be very different when it comes to the US). The Camera Grip, however, is yet to receive a price tag.

If pay some attention though, you might notice that the Gadget Case is not getting a lot of good reviews, including on Samsung's own website. In fact, the majority of the reviews are with 1 star, with complaints regarding how stiff and difficult to remove the case is. That is why we said earlier "if you already own the Gadget case," as these two devices are still worth the try if you already have it. Otherwise, we wouldn't recommend going for the Gadget case.

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