Samsung may be working on next-gen superfast charging

Samsung may be working on next-gen superfast charging
Samsung has filed a trademark for “Superfast Portable Power”, as reported by SamMobile. The trademark is classified under “Battery chargers for mobile devices; battery packs for mobile devices”, which is just obscure enough to get our brains going.

What could it mean? Well, naturally, it could mean a new and improved charging speed or method, destined to hit Samsung’s next line of Galaxy S23 flagships, and why not even the expected Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5?

On the other hand – you might not’ve known up until now – Samsung also makes portable battery banks. They come not only equipped with fast charging, but fast wireless charging too.

Naturally, these portable batteries are the perfect fit for any Samsung fan. They are capable of charging Galaxy phones, buds, and watches. If one of your gadgets is enabled for wireless charging, you may be able to charge all three at the same time: two via cable and one via the wireless charging pad.

So is this regarding a new battery pack or a new charging technology?

We don’t know! But we sure feel like saying “both” would be the best option. But the phrase “superfast charging” sounds like it is related to a method or speed of charging more than just a battery pack.

As of now, the name and the description could be understood both ways for sure. Filing the trademark certainly shows intent from Samsung, but let’s keep in mind that trademarks don’t always mean that the planned product will see the light of day.

But it might, and it may be a new Portable Power bank. That would mean that there has to have been an improvement over previous models. Well, if that’s the case, there would be no issue with including those improvements in the next Galaxy phones, right? We can speculate all day long, but we’ll have to wait on an announcement to know for sure.

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