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Samsung plans to make cars smarter with a new dedicated camera sensor

Samsung plans to make cars smarter with new dedicated camera sensor
You’re probably quite satisfied with the pictures and videos that your Galaxy smartphone can take. Samsung (alongside Sony) makes the camera sensors in most smartphones today and its ISOCELL technology is well known to photography enthusiasts.

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Now the Korean company has launched a dedicated ISOCELL camera sensor aimed at the automobile industry. The new ISOCELL Auto 4AC is a 1/3.7-inch sensor with a resolution of 1.2MP and an individual pixel size of 3μm.

It’s still an ISOCELL sensor, which means that pixels are isolated from one another with a tiny mesh, reducing color bleeding and crosstalk, and improving the image as a result. The interesting part is that this sensor combines 3μm and 1μm pixels together in one bigger pixel. The 3μm pixels are used in low light conditions, while the 1μm ones engage when there’s sufficient light around.

Samsung calls this technology CornerPixel and it’s especially helpful in tricky situations like entering or exiting a tunnel, for example. According to Samsung, the new sensor can offer HDR videos in real-time without motion blur and other artifacts. Think smart mirrors and even self-driving solutions.

The ISOCELL Auto 4AC sensor is also extremely durable - it can operate in temperatures between -40°C and 125°C and has a built-in ISP.

“ISOCELL Auto 4AC’ is a groundbreaking product that applies Samsung Electronics’ long-established mobile image sensor technology with high stability and cutting-edge technology for cars. We plan to expand our lineup of image sensors for vehicles to include not only view monitors and rearview cameras, but also autonomous driving and in-cabin cameras,” said Deok-Hyun Jang, Vice President of Sensor Business Team at Samsung Electronics in a statement.
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