Samsung testing phone with iPhone-like sensor shift camera tech

Samsung’s expected to include iPhone-like sensor-shift image stabilization with the next Galaxy fl
We heard rumors of a Samsung & Olympus partnership just a few days ago. Now we might have an idea of what exactly the two companies have in mind, thanks to Galaxy Club.

It is called sensor-shift image stabilization, and it’s been present on many consumer cameras for a while. In fact, Apple was somehow able to implement the hardware feature into the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which made it stand out from the rest of the phones in the lineup. They also gave this phone a bigger primary camera sensor.

All other iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 phones use a more conventional method of dealing with shaky footage - OIS or optical image stabilization. OIS manages to compensate for vibrations while moving the lens. Sensor-shift stabilization moves the sensor itself, which typically results in better stability, making for improved image quality.

OIS has been a trusty tool for smartphone manufacturers for years now, but the Google Pixel managed to challenge it with some incredible EIS (electronic image stabilization) back in 2016. The latter is still present in today’s phones. The two methods of stabilizing video work together to deliver some truly impressive results in phones like the Galaxy S21, iPhone 12, and pretty much all other flagships.

Now, sensor-shift image stabilization is clearly about to take over. Apple had the honor of being the first smartphone maker to take advantage of the feature, and Samsung might join in soon. Phones are getting bigger, which allows for this kind of hardware additions as there is more room to play with. For example, Huawei’s next flagship is expected to surprise us with a 1-inch camera sensor, which would be groundbreaking.

Anyway, all we have for now is just rumors. However, the fact that Samsung decided to give their budget A52 & A72 phones OIS might be a clear sign that the South Korean tech giant has something else in mind for their more premium flagships.

Furthermore, it is believed that Apple will bring sensor-shift image stabilisation to all phones from the iPhone 13 lineup. This will surely motivate Samsung to step up its camera game, and we can only benefit from that!

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