Samsung reveals the secret behind the Galaxy S24 Ultra anti-glare screen

Samsung reveals the secret behind the Galaxy S24 Ultra anti-glare screen
Ever since Samsung introduced the anti-glare Corning Gorilla Armor glass with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, people have been impressed with the actual properties of the newly developed silicate. In many comparisons and tests, the Galaxy S24 Ultra displayed a clear advantage in fighting glares and reflections compared to other models.

The secret behind this glass has now been revealed, as Samsung posted a short article and a video explaining the magic behind its Galaxy S24 Ultra anti-glare properties. The company calls the Corning Armor "the most scratch-resistant, optically advanced Gorilla Glass ever made."

The secret behind the anti-glare properties of the Galaxy S24 Ultra lies in a nano-scale layering process applied to the glass. Corning used a uniform plasma in an argon-filled chamber to deposit nanometer thick layers onto the glass. We have a separate article explaining how these strong and scratch-resistant glass shields are made, and the process is not vastly different from what Samsung is describing in this post.

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The difference is that some of these nanometer thick layers in the Gorilla Armor act like tiny one-way dispersion filters, taking the outside light in and dispersing it inside the glass layers rather than just reflecting it back. This creates a faint reflection of strong light sources rather than a strong, focused reflection and contributes to the anti-glare properties of the glass.

Gorilla Armor is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and according to Samsung and Corning, this "one-of-a-kind display material that dramatically reduces glare by up to 75 percent" also performs three times better in drop tests against normal glass. We expect Corning to start offering Gorilla Armor to other manufacturers once the period of "exclusivity" ends for the Galaxy S24.

What do you think about the Galaxy S24 Ultra and its Gorilla Armor? Is it a game changer that should be on every phone?
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