Open box Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch fetches an irresistible $160 with 1-year warranty included

Open box Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch fetches an irresistible $160 with 1-year warranty included
Heavily discounted a number of times in the last few months by both Samsung and major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Costco, the Gear S3 was noticeably absent from recent Prime Day and eBay Crash Sale festivities. But the 2016-released smartwatch is available for a crazy affordable $159.99 yet again from a highly trusted eBay seller that also throws in a free 1-year warranty.

Quick Ship Electronics has an incredible 99.9 percent positive feedback score based on more than 25,000 buyer ratings from the last 12 months, which essentially means you have absolutely nothing to worry about here in terms of device functionality, its cosmetic condition, and warranty details. While the dark grey Gear S3 Frontier is technically not sold brand-new, unused, and unopened, Quick Ship Electronics vouches for its full working order and near-flawless look.

These are "open box" units you'll be purchasing at 160 bucks apiece, so the packaging might be "slightly distressed", but otherwise, you're looking at devices as good as new, powering on with their factory settings restored and shipping (for free) alongside all the original accessories, including an extra band.

You don't have a lot of time to pull the trigger, as more than 98 percent of a "limited quantity" has been sold already, which probably means there are only a few dozen units left in stock as we write this. In case you're wondering, the Gear S3 has been on sale at an even lower price a couple of months ago in brand-new condition, but that deal obviously didn't last long and is unlikely to ever return. Meanwhile, Samsung is still selling this Android and iOS-compatible bad boy at a whopping $300, with Best Buy charging 100 bucks less... for a certified refurbished device.

Despite its advanced age, the Gear S3 Frontier remains one of the most elegant and feature-packed Apple Watch alternatives on the market, having a handy rotating bezel going for it in addition to a beautiful Super AMOLED display, built-in heart rate monitor, standalone GPS functionality, Samsung Pay support, IP68 water resistance, and respectable battery life.

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2. yalokiy

Posts: 1077; Member since: Aug 01, 2016

Quite resistible for a watch released in Nov 2016.

3. Munchy

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 24, 2019

I have had the s3 gear frontier for 2 years. If your after wireless pay by watch i highly sugest staying away feo. Samsung. My gear s3 has been back 4 tines. Its eternals have been replaced 4 times and out off 4 to 7 wireless transactions it fails. And it fails enough to make it u reliable and not a good ootion. In each failed case its on a terminal it wirked on days before and the terminal my samsu g gear s3 fails on my s9 plus woth samsung pay will work on it emidiatly after. Problem number 2 is samsung pay is like 3 extra moves compared to google pay and only reason to have samsung pay on my phone is im forced too if i want to ise it on watch. Im gona continue sending my gear s3 frontier ba k untill o get a wirking watch or my money back. Its a joke to claim the gear watch has wireless pay if it isnt reliable.

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