Samsung leaks the Flip's leather case, confirming a brand new Galaxy Z-series of flexies

Samsung leaks the Flip's leather case, confirming a brand new Galaxy Z-series of flexies
Stop the presses, Samsung is indeed planning to start a whole new Z-series of phones, and if you are wondering why, it's because they are... clamshells. At least the first phone in the series will be, as the company just confirmed the name Galaxy Z Flip on its website for the first time.

Samsung's foldable phone strategy is getting clearer, and it seems already set to mean one "affordable" clamshell focused on portability each spring, followed by a one vertical-axis flagship like the Galaxy Fold and its successor Fold 2, in the second half of the years ahead.

Why the "Z", though? Well, leaked teasers for the Flip showed two phones, upper half next to lower half, worthy of a Zoro sequel poster. That's a deliberate strategy, and could either hint at future bi-folders, like the one Xiaomi demonstrated last year, or simply denote Samsung's handsets with a horizontal hinge, instead of a vertical one like the Galaxy Fold.

In any case, after the Galaxy S20 Ultra leaked in the flesh for the first time, and the Galaxy S20/S20+ naming scheme was confirmed, too, now Samsung reveals that it will indeed call its upcoming flip phone the Galaxy Z Flip

It makes perfect sense, and there will even be an official case for it, as you can see from the telltale screen snaps from Samsung's Romanian (via PlayfulDroid), Swiss and French websites support section below.

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