Samsung has a genius new Galaxy S23 case system to use your extra preorder credit on

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Samsung has a genius new Galaxy S23 case system to use your extra preorder credit on
While Samsung has plenty of new official Galaxy S23 cases with fresh colors, it also throws in brand new accessory system design called Gadget Cases that you can use the extra Samsung store credit available via our S23 deals link below to grab for free during the preorder period.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at $199.99 with trade-in

The S23 Ultra is now officially in stores. Get up to $750 instant trade-in credit, and $100 instant credit from Samsung with the purchase. The phone starts at $199.99 with an eligible trade-in for AT&T or T-Mobile.
$199 99
$1379 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S23 Plus starts at $119.99

You can now get the Galaxy S23 Plus with up to $700 in trade-in discount from Samsung. Save even more if you go for T-Mobile or AT&T.
$119 99
$1119 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S23 for free with trade-in (AT&T and T-Mobile), save on unlocked model too

Go with T-Mobile or AT&T right off the bat and you can pay nothing for a vanilla S23 with 256GB storage (with an eligible trade-in). Verizon's version starts at $59.99 with trade-in. Or pick an unlocked model and cough up $159.99 after trade-in credits.
$859 99
Buy at Samsung

The Galaxy S23 Clear Gadget Case, for instance, is a brand new invention by Samsung and while the $44.99 price may sound steep for a clear case which is otherwise $24.99, with our exclusive $50 Samsung credit that comes with the phone purchase credit here you can basically get it for free, while the extra value thrown in seems worth the twenty bucks difference with the regular clear case.

The ingenious Gadget accessory system, however, can now also add contraptions to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Rugged case series for $69.99. Instead of the iPhone's MagSafe circular system, Samsung provides, erm, a tighter circle base for adding various attachments to the case.

There is an elegant elliptical hook for your fingers when you need to hold the phone firmly and which can also double as a kickstand as it can be snapped on in both vertical and horizontal positions. If you just want a stand, there is the Slim Stand add-on, too, which can also be used as a tripod for watching videos, or following recipes on your kitchen counter.

In addition, the Galaxy S23 Gadget Cases allow for a tiny tripod attachment to mount your new phone on and do the astrophotography, TikTok video recording, or time lapse effect song and dance on the cheap. 

Samsung didn't stop here, as it provides a Card Holder accessory for its Gadget Cases which does what it says on the tin, but also has a kickstand component, just as all the rest of the add-ons with the exception of the cool sticker accessories you can slap as holders to make your Galaxy S23 unique.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Clear Gadget Case

Samsung keeps surprising us with new and svelte accessories each passing S-series phone generation, and the latest Clear Gadget Case for the S23 Ultra is no exception. Attach a kickstand or holder, a tripod, or any other new accessory Samsung can think of to the Galaxy S23 Ultra with ease, all the while the transparent case lets others see the bold new S23 Ultra body colors.
$44 99

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Rugged Gadget Case

If you need the ultimate Galaxy S23 Ultra protection from the elements in the form of an official Samsung Rugged wrapper, this one is also available in a Gadget Case system version now. Add card holders, slim stands, tripods with remote control, and various other accessories Samsung is yet to release.

Samsung says that the tiny ingenuous case accessories have to be purchased separately and there might be more on the way, so the new Gadget Case system is sounding like a wise investment in the future usability of your Galaxy S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra phone. Now that we use our phones for a year longer on average than we did just a few years back, Samsung's modular accessory case solution would come in handy for longer, too.

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