25W wireless charging for the Galaxy S22 may not be happening (updated)

25W wireless charging for the Galaxy S22 may not be happening (updated)
Update: we regret to inform you that we, like several other more well-known publications, have been misled as to to Samsung's new FCC wireless charger filing. In fact, nowhere does it actually say in the filing that the charger supports 25W. The mistake was born by mistakenly putting together the 9V, and 2.77A that appear on the label, and coming up with the equal of 25W. However, rather than revealing the charging capacity, this 25W is merely the power consumption rate of the charger. We're sorry about the confusion!

A filing made by Samsung with the FCC has just been discovered, bringing a possible new future accessory to light: in particular, a 25-Watt wireless charging pad.

The FCC, or the Federal Communications Commission, is the official regulator in the U.S. of all radio, TV, wire, cable, and satellite communications in the United States. Any manufacturer that wishes to produce a new cell phone or charging accessory must first have their related application approved by the Commission, before it can be sold in US stores.

Now, the fact that Samsung has filed for the application does not immediately guarantee that such a charger will come to stores in the near future, as it's still a bit early to know. However, it is very likely that it will, as the company seems to have more or less completed the design of the new fast charging pad, and published photos of the accessory along with specs and hands-on testing in the filing (shown below).

Now, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series awaiting a January or February release next year, it wouldn't be unreasonable to speculate that this charger could be made specially with these flagships in mind, as none of Samsung's current top-tier handsets feature 25W fast charging. The most that the Galaxy S21 series can support wirelessly is 15W, although the Galaxy S21 Ultra can charge at a rate of up to 25W via a USB-C cable.

As reported by MySmartPrice, the Korean company may also end up increasing the wired fast charging support for the top model of the upcoming series, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. While it currently maxes out at 25 Watts via cable, rumor has it that this will be increased to 45 Watts for the new Ultra. How this will affect battery health over time, however, only time can tell. 

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